Wheylo Description

Wheylo is a unique Steadfast Nutrition formulation comprising easily-digestible whey protein concentrate and coconut milk powder, formulated to meet the daily protein requirements of athletes, active people, and those with a sedentary lifestyle. It’s the best combination of good taste and healthy nutrition, fit for everyone. One serving of Wheylo (30 g) provides 18.6 grams of a multifunctional protein. The Coconut Milk Powder present in the formulation provides good fats in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides that are easy to digest and a powerhouse of energy. The good fats with fast-absorption capabilities and low carbohydrate formulation make Wheylo an ideal supplement for keto lovers. The complete protein and healthy fats support lean muscle growth and maintenance. 


Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, Coconut Milk Powder, Sucralose


1. Increases muscle growth:

Wheylo contains whey protein concentrate, a high-quality protein that meets the daily protein requirement and promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue. It’s rich in all the essential amino acids, especially leucine. Studies have shown of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), leucine triggers the maximum skeletal muscle synthesis.

2. Helps maintain muscle mass:

Wheylo is a delicious way to repair exercise-induced damage to muscle fibres after a rigorous workout session. It prevents muscle loss, reduces muscle soreness, and helps regain muscle strength.

3. Helps in weight management:

Wheylo is rich in protein, which provides satiety and reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin. It renders the necessary protein for muscle building so that our body burns excess carbohydrates and fats to derive energy. Fewer calories and high protein content make Wheylo useful for weight watchers by assisting in reduced calorie intake. If a person is on a keto diet, the Medium Chain Triglycerides found in Coconut Milk Powder promote weight loss by supporting ketosis in which the body utilises fat instead of carbohydrates as an energy source. 

4. Rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation:

Wheylo is naturally rich in Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress and free radicals and minimises inflammation caused by free-floating C-reactive proteins.


Wheylo is an ideal combination of good taste and multifunctional protein that is fit for everyone.

1. Strength Athletes:

Strength athletes need to increase their protein intake to gain muscle mass and strength and recover from strenuous activity. Intense workouts lead to muscle loss, hence athletes have to provide their bodies with extra protein to compensate for muscle loss and synthesise new muscles. Wheylo is perfect for helping these athletes meet their increased protein needs. They are recommended 1-2 sachets of Wheylo every day.

2. Endurance Athletes:

Like strength athletes, endurance athletes also need protein, but their body utilises it distinctly. They need protein to repair muscles that undergo constant breakdown every day during training. Poor muscle health may affect athletic performance. An athlete involved in a high-endurance sport is recommended 2 sachets of Wheylo every day.

3. Individuals aiming to meet their daily protein needs:

Protein deficiency is prevalent around the globe, especially in India. Protein is equally crucial for sedentary persons and is required for normal body functions like muscle building, bolstering immune health, and hormone synthesis. Urban lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, and demanding work schedules have made most of us protein deficient. Include one to two servings of Wheylo in your diet daily as a flavourful, convenient, and hassle-free approach to satisfy everyday protein necessities.

4. Athletes or individuals on a ketogenic diet:

Wheylo contains coconut milk powder, the source of medium-chain triglycerides that help maintain a ketosis state during a keto diet. In this state, fat is utilised as the primary source of energy. Wheylo can assist athletes on a keto diet by burning fats instead of carbohydrates during their workout sessions resulting in fat loss and rapid gain in lean muscle.  


Take Wheylo at any time of the day as a healthy shake to improve daily protein intake. Adults can consume 2 servings every day.


Mix a 30 g sachet in 200 ml of water.