Steadfast’s Community Engagement Program.

Since our inception, the goal of Team Steadfast has been more than just selling quality sports nutrition products. One of our long term endeavours has been to promote and incubate the culture of sports and fitness in India from a nutritional well being standpoint. Our community engagement program has been a big step in that direction and has helped us to better understand the nutritional needs and shortcomings in our industry.

From undertaking tasting and activity sessions in multiple gyms to organising educational seminars regarding sports nutrition in schools, we have been putting our best foot forward when it comes to making sure that tomorrow’s India is a fitter, healthier India.

It is this process of constantly engaging with the fitness community that is the backbone of our research that goes into developing new and interesting products for our customers to consume.

Apart from understanding the needs and concerns of athletes, we also spread awareness about sports nutrition and the various good practices that can take a sportsperson to another level.

We have always made it a point to ensure that we support the sports industry to the best of our abilities, from helping to organise competitions for sports like arm wrestling, cycling, swimming, weight lifting etc. to participating in fitness expos like Fitex and IHFF. A large part of our community are professionals in the medical field for whom we have conducted nephrology conferences as well.