Steadfast Nutrition, Title Sponsor for North India’s Biggest Bodybuilding Championship (NPC 2021)

Steadfast Nutrition collaborated with the acclaimed National Physique Committee (NPC) for North India’s biggest bodybuilding championship - the  North India Bodybuilding and Physique Championship 2021. Steadfast Nutrition was the title sponsor for the competition which showcased the talent of over 200 amateur bodybuilders from Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. The NPC operates under the authority of NPC Worldwide. The event was a watershed moment in the competitive bodybuilding world.

This competition, authorised by NPC Worldwide USA, carries great importance as a qualifying platform for some of the nation's most prominent bodybuilding events, including the Amateur Olympia and Sheru Classic. NPC North India, known for its commitment to excellence, has paved a position for itself by organising an unparalleled event in the Northern area of the country. It provides a great platform for ambitious bodybuilders to show their power, expertise, and hard-earned accolades.

Steadfast Nutrition is India’s premium nutrition company that is firmly focused   on providing the best in the Indian bodybuilding community. Aman Puri, the visionary Founder of Steadfast Nutrition, expressed his excitement about contributing to the event's success. He emphasised the brand's long-standing commitment to the Indian bodybuilding community, putting the spotlight on their desire to assist and foster the emerging talent pool in the world of bodybuilding.

The competition took place across multiple weight class categories, which were precisely planned to accommodate participants of various sizes and muscular strengths. From the lightweight class of up to 60 kg to the heavyweight division of +90 kg, each category presented an opportunity for contestants to show their dedication and passion. Furthermore, the championships were fiercely contested across several height categories, serving athletes with various physiques and definitions.

Steadfast Nutrition’s bikini athletes scooped all the medals in the category. Surbhi Jaiswar, Jyoti Gupta, and Shikha Thapa won the gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively, attributing their top form to Steadfast Nutrition’s premium quality supplements.

The event and Steadfast acknowledged the sport's rising stars by including the Junior Class, which featured the NPC Junior Bodybuilding and NPC Junior Men's Physique categories.

With a rich tradition and an un matchable dedication to perfection, NPC North India continues to raise the bar for competitive bodybuilding, creating an atmosphere in which athletes thrive and audiences can marvel at the peak of human physique development, which is outstanding.