Steadfast Nutrition Shares a Taste of Performance at Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Steadfast Nutrition exhibited prominently during the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024, an iconic event for runners from India and across the globe, contributing to carrying forward its legacy and essence by going beyond traditional competition and empowering individuals to reach optimal fitness and health.

Swathes of the 59,000 Mumbaikars who were running across the town, savoured Steadfast’s premium supplements. Marathon running in India is flourishing year after year, bringing out the empowering energetic, and lively individuals to make fitness a way of life.

Since its beginning in 2003, the Mumbai Marathon has constantly been placed among the world's top 10 most renowned marathon races. It was upgraded to a World Athletics Gold Label Road Race last year. Its reputation as the wealthiest event in India, with a prize pool of USD 40500, emphasises its importance in the world running community. The marathon includes a variety of event categories, including the renowned full marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km), dream run (6 km), senior citizens run (4.3 km), champions with disabilities (2.4 km), and a timed 10k run, enabling inclusiveness for competitors of all ages and abilities.

Steadfast Supplements, Crowd-Pullers at Tata Mumbai Marathon

Steadfast Nutrition, India’s fastest-growing premium nutrition and wellness brand, displayed premium performance nutrition supplements, including the protein supplements Nitromax, HerbFast Protein, Power Protein, the electrolyte drink SteadLytes, the amino acid supplement Active BCAA, and the energy drink Snergy, along our wellness products. Our booth was a huge draw at the expo: Athletes and runners from all over the world were full of praise for the supplements. Participants, dressed in distinctive Steadfast Clothing, took part in interactive workshops and Q&A sessions, learning essential dietary tips for their athletic interests.

The Steadfast team supports overall health and encourages individuals to prioritise nutrition. They emphasise the need to share information and experiences in a supportive group, which fosters an environment of encouragement and advancement.

The team's coordinated efforts demonstrated a clear dedication to increasing brand recognition and awareness. Engaging events at Steadfast Booth drew a diverse crowd, from professional runners to leisure enthusiasts, and a plethora of products were supplied as tokens of goodwill to enhance the whole experience.

One of the event's highlights was the appearance of Steadfast athlete Vijay Vasve at the Tata Mumbai Marathon bib expo booth. A meet-and-greet session allowed attendees to connect with the athlete & the Steadfast crew, capturing unique moments in photos.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is like a large celebration where everyone runs together. It's not just about winning, it's about working together, pushing through obstacles, and giving your all. This event establishes a tradition of teamwork and friendship, inspiring others and encouraging young people to participate in sports and Steadfast continues to work holding hands to make India a healthier and active Country.