Steadfast Nutrition’s Star Debut as Presenting Partner at the IHFF 2019

Steadfast Nutrition took steady steps towards boosting India’s fitness industry by sponsoring India’s biggest bodybuilding championship for amateur athletes - the Sheru Classic at the International Health & Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2019 in Delhi. By throwing its weight behind the mega championship held at Asia’s largest fitness festival, Steadfast aimed to give the country’s talented youth a platform to showcase their talent. Since its inception, Steadfast Nutrition, India's top sports and wellness nutrition brand, has been dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of fitness and nutrition across the country. 

Steadfast Nutrition also sponsored and backed its athletes at the IHFF, providing remarkable performance and unmatched quality in its nutritional supplements. Steadfast Nutrition's team and athletes outperformed expectations, attracting both domestic and foreign visitors. 

Star social media influencers and international athletes like Olly Esse and Annabel DeSilva were all praise for Steadfast Nutrition, its team and our exclusive product range. Many tourists, athletes, and international bodybuilders took note of Steadfast Nutrition's presence at the event and it was a sight to enjoy as proud Steadfastians. 

One significant feature that made Steadfast Nutrition stand out at the IHFF was the uniqueness of our premium nutrition range. The complex blue Tee, showcasing the Steadfast squad’s team spirit received considerable praise and became the talk of interest among attendees. Visitors, athletes, and international bodybuilders all became big admirers of Steadfast's Clothing line and T-shirts, increasing the brand's visibility and popularity.

Steadfast Nutrition also received recognition for its performance in the competition with Steadfast Athlete Dr Mridula Saikia clinching the prestigious pro card, Mr Sumit Thapa winning the Gold medal, Mr Sammrat Choudhary winning the silver medal, and Ms Shreya Das winning the bronze, all powered by Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements. These accolades completely prove Steadfast's ability to develop athletic greatness and achieve major success on the competition stage.

The favourable feedback received from visitors confirmed the efficacy and quality of Steadfast Nutrition's premium product line. Ideally, Steadfast Nutrition stood out as the only company providing supplements suited to the individual needs of both men and women.

Steadfast Nutrition's focus to recognise and address individual fitness needs ensures that results are delivered quickly and continuously, catering to a wide range of fitness goals and aspirations. Steadfast Nutrition's unrelenting promise to provide the best of the best allows it to create new standards in the field of sports & wellness nutrition, encouraging individuals to reach their peak performance and achieve ideal health and wellness.