Steadfast Nutrition Roots for An Anaemia-Free She: Iron Women 3.0 Campaign -  the Legacy Continues

Steadfast Nutrition - India’s fastest-growing premium nutrition sports and wellness brand leaves no stone unturned in giving back to society. Each year, on International Women’s Day, the brand campaigns to raise awareness about the grave health issue of iron-deficiency anaemia among Indian women with the underlying theme of “Iron Women”. The campaigns generate headlines and have been covered by leading media houses. This year was no different. Steadfast Nutrition conducted a high-impact campaign called ‘Anaemia-Free She’, partnering with four NGOs across Delhi-NCR and continuing its mission to combat iron deficiency anaemia. Steadfast raised awareness among more than 300 underprivileged women and gave them free iron supplements along with the electrolyte drink Steadlytes and peanut butter.

In addition to this, Steadfast expanded its efforts to empower downtrodden women with confidence-building measures, teach them ways to navigate their way through a patriarchal society, raise awareness about menstrual hygiene, and educate women about preventing HPV infections. By taking a multifaceted approach to these challenges, Steadfast aims to forge iron women and enhance their overall well-being in the long run. This initiative highlights Steadfast's dedication to social responsibility and our commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of women in India.

Iron Women Campaign Expands to 4 NGOs: Steady Steps Towards ‘Anaemia-Free She’  (2024)

For this year’s Iron Women campaign, we collaborated with four non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Niveda Foundation, Sashakt Foundation, Sakshi-HUL Nutrition & Education Centre, and Setu Foundation to educate underprivileged women about key health issues such as not having enough iron in their bodies, maintaining cleanliness during menstruation, and generally taking better care of themselves.

Let's take a deeper look at some of the incredible work Steadfast did with these NGOs by providing health education and encouraging them to pursue their passions.

Our Anaemia-Free She Campaign aimed to educate adult women and teenage girls about the insidious symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia and the benefits of an iron-rich diet and supplements in combating the issue. The long-term goal was to share knowledge and promote better lifestyles among participants. Anaemia is a big concern in India, affecting 57% of women between the age group of 15-49, according to the National Family Health Survey 2019.

Forging Iron Women: Nutritionist Empowers Underprivileged Women to be Anaemia Free

A key aspect of the NGO Drive was a nutritionist educating downtrodden women about the importance of iron for the body, silent symptoms of iron-deficiency anaemia - unexplained tiredness, dizziness, headaches, pale skin, and shortness of breath - which are often ignored and under-diagnosed, its diagnosis and prevention and treatment measures. She underscored the importance of having iron-rich foods, including horse gram, fenugreek leaves, raisins, rice flakes, Amarnath, whole yellow lentils, and those rich in vitamin C since it enhances iron absorption and encouraged them to take iron supplements to prevent and treat anaemia. The nutrition expert also generated awareness about HPV, a cause of cervical cancer, the second-most common cancer among women in India.

Steadfast Athlete Dr Varuna Raina Inspired the Beneficiaries @Sashakt Foundation

Steadfast collaborated with the Sashakt Foundation to generate awareness among women and young girls about iron deficiency. Dr Varuna Raina, Steadfast athlete and mountaineer, presented a beneficial session. She began with a fun game called "Shake it Off" to get everyone in a good mood. Then discussed why the daily intake of iron is so vital for health.

Dr Varuna Raina shared her inspirational story of never giving up on her aspirations, even when the going was tough. She was raised in a rural village and always aspired to be a top mountaineer and athlete. Even after she suffered a terrible head injury that nearly ended her dreams, she persisted and never gave up. Her narrative moved everyone, inspiring them to believe in themselves and keep going no matter what.

In her powerful session, she mentioned how one should not rely on anyone to help or take care of them. “No one will come to help us, we need to take the first step ourselves” she said. 

Dr Raina said, “If you don’t try things out of the fear of losing, it’s not right” Come out of your fear and insecurities and you will achieve bigger. 

During the programme, the nutritionist from Steadfast Nutrition led discussions on how to care for yourself during your period and after giving birth, since menstruation is a common cause of anaemia. She encouraged everyone to prioritise their health by eating well and exercising often. Dr Varuna Raina's encouraging words resonated with everyone, making them feel more secure and driven to achieve their goals.

At the end of the session, everyone received Steadfast’s goodie bags, including iron supplements, from the team as a token of health. This event demonstrated Steadfast's commitment to assisting women by teaching, motivating, and providing the resources they require to be healthy and strong.

Steadfast Athlete Dr Mridula on Smashing the patriarchy@Niveda Foundation

Dr Mridula, a doctor and professional athlete associated with Steadfast, held an  enriching session at the Niveda Foundation that emphasised the importance of passion and health in attaining success. The Steadfast Athlete covered important issues including menstrual health, post-natal care, and the value of healthy eating habits through lively talks and motivational conversations.

Participants were encouraged to put their health and well-being first, with Dr Mridula emphasising the significance of regular exercise and balanced eating. She provided great information about the advantages of essential vitamins and minerals, encouraging participants to incorporate them into their regular diets. Her motivating message in which she emphasised the significance of bravery and devotion when negotiating male-dominated environments resonated well with the audience.

The workshop also featured participatory demonstrations of physical exercise during menstruation, which dispelled prevalent myths and misconceptions about menstrual health. Participants were encouraged to love their bodies and prioritise self-care, with a focus on overall wellness. Dr. Mridula's motivating lecture inspired the guests and gave them the confidence and motivation to achieve their aspirations.

At the end of the session, participants were given premium nutrition supplements along with other merchandise from Steadfast Nutrition, allowing them to make more educated decisions regarding their health and well-being. 

Steadfast Athlete Dr Ratna Verma’s Most Interesting Session @Setu Foundation

Steadfast Athlete Dr Ratna Verma led a fascinating session at the Setu Foundation that went beyond the bounds of a typical session. Participants engaged in private conversations, sharing their own experiences and views in a safe and supportive environment.

Dr Ratna began the session with a powerful statement affirming each individual's inherent worth and potential: "We're just as good as anyone else." This remark set the tone for a positive discussion about self-esteem and perseverance.

Throughout the seminar, Dr Ratna stressed the need for self-care and love. In a world where women usually prioritise others' needs over their own, she stressed the importance of finding time for oneself. 

"Don't let family hold you back from doing what's best for yourself," she said, urging women to prioritise their health.

Dr. Ratna shared her own experience combining motherhood, career, and personal development. Despite doubts and obstacles, she made bold efforts to achieve her goals, including a magnificent mountain climbing expedition. Her story strongly moved participants, inspiring them to face every aspect of their lives with courage and drive.

Beyond outward appearances, Dr. Ratna highlighted the importance of inner wellness. She highlighted the need to provide the body with nutritious nutrients, get enough rest, and create a sense of independence and self-confidence.

Throughout the lecture, Dr. Ratna encouraged attendees to establish their voices and advocate for themselves. "Speak up for yourself and don't be afraid of anyone," she advised, urging women to pursue their rights and ambitions.

The session also offered meaningful insights from attendees, including a woman Pinky, who stated that "work is like worship," underlining the importance of effort and dedication in one's endeavours.

In essence, the Setu Foundation session was more than just a session - it was a transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Steadfast Athlete Megha Sharma Puts Spotlight on Self-love & Happiness @Sakshi Foundation

Steadfast's collaboration with the Sakshi Foundation culminated in a session focused on self-discovery and pursuing one's happiness. Steadfast Athlete Megha Sharma conducted an engaging session that began with a fun 'make a story' game, which sparked participants' creativity and delight. She then recounted her path of self-love, including her decision to leave her corporate career after 12 years to pursue happiness. Megha stated a desire to contribute to society while finding fulfilment, which led her to travel, explore new areas, and eventually discover her love of dancing.

Megha turned on the atmosphere with her dancing skills, getting everyone moving to Bollywood songs and spreading joy and enthusiasm across the room.

She discussed how she discovered satisfaction as a professional Zumba instructor, emphasising the significance of following one's passion and setting lofty goals, even if they start small. She said, “You need to start small and aim big”

Megha advised participants to set time-bound goals rather than seeking quick results, emphasising patience in their endeavours, she said, “Set a time goal and don’t run after results”

The session concluded with a vibrant display of dance and celebration, highlighting the joy of pursuing one's passions and finding fulfilment in life's journey.

Know Iron, No Anaemia - Iron Women Campaign 2.0 (2023)

In 2023, ahead of Women’s Day Steadfast Nutrition did a 360-degree campaign to spread awareness about the problem of iron-deficiency anaemia in India. The brand set up a talk by a nutritionist for 300 students each at Gurugram’s SGT University and Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, and performed a nationwide poll and a social experiment to evaluate awareness about iron deficiency anaemia. The poll, which included participants from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, revealed a lack of understanding of haemoglobin testing and the benefits of iron-rich meals. A social experiment revealed a lack of understanding among urban women about a healthy diet in preventing anaemia. Steadfast also organised a menstrual hygiene camp in Talasari and health screenings at its office. It also distributed free iron supplements at a gym in Delhi. The campaign's goal was to promote frequent haemoglobin testing and the intake of iron- and vitamin C-rich foods to prevent and treat anaemia.

In her talk to the students, the nutritionist broke myths about iron-rich foods, emphasising the ones which are actually beneficial contrary to the popular perception. She also reiterated the dos and don’ts when it came to consuming  these foods, such as avoiding tea and coffee with meals which are detrimental to iron absorption and not skipping meals. Last, but not the least, she reiterated the need to get haemoglobin levels checked regularly.

Iron Women Campaign (2022)

Since the inception of the ‘Iron Women’ Campaign in 2022, Steadfast has never looked back. In 2023, ahead of Women’s Day, Steadfast held a talk by a nutritionist on the problem of anaemia among Indian women, and the key nutrients required by women during various life stages.

It was also the time when ‘Steadfast Iron- The Haemoglobin Booster’ was launched to help boost haemoglobin in the body to help women fight iron-deficiency anaemia. 

At the same event, Steadfast Nutrition hosted a seminar where some of India's greatest female athletes, who are also Steadfast Athletes, discussed the problems they faced to become successful in their careers and how to overcome them. This event was part of Steadfast's first campaign, Iron Women.

The Steadfast Athletes encompassed several disciplines, including football, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cycling. Some of the notable athletes who attended included Dalima Chhibber, a key player in the Indian women's football team, Dr Rita Jairath, a bodybuilding pioneer in India, Archana Chauhan, a powerlifting champion,, Surbhi Jaiswar, a bikini athlete and that year's bodybuilding champion, and Dr. Mridula Saikia, a professor and physique athlete.

During the debate, Indian female athletes examined the barriers to reaching their full potential and attempted to identify solutions. The panellists offered personal tales to show how aspiring female athletes might overcome cultural barriers. Key issues mentioned included unequal pay compared to male athletes, balancing parenthood and athletic goals, gender bias in sports, cultural expectations, insufficient support systems, and physical difficulties.

Steadfast Aims to Empower & Fuel the SHEroes 

Steadfast Nutrition has been a consistent supporter of helping women live healthier lifestyles. Steadfast has made a significant contribution to women's empowerment and health by teaching them about excellent diets and distributing wellness supplements among them.

Steadfast Nutrition has adopted a variety of methods to help women feel strong and healthy, including teaching about iron-rich meals, supporting self-care, and following their passions. Steadfast is making a significant difference in communities by collaborating with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and doing special projects.

Let us recall the stories we heard and the lessons we learned. With Steadfast Nutrition leading the way, we can ensure that every woman has the opportunity to be healthy and successful!

In short, Steadfast Nutrition's experience and relationships with non-governmental organisations demonstrate the importance of educating, inspiring, and providing adequate nutrition to women. These activities make women feel more confident and prepared to live their best lives. We will continue to assist and encourage women on their journey to health and empowerment!