Steadfast Nutrition Powers Up Runners and Bib Expo Visitors at Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon

Steadfast Nutrition Powers Up Runners and Bib Expo Visitors at Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon 

In a vibrant synergy of athleticism and corporate support, the 9th Edition of the Apollo Delhi Marathon 2024 stood as proof of the power of partnership between renowned brands and the spirit of competition.

Steadfast Nutrition, with the ethos of promoting a healthy lifestyle, determination, and community engagement associated with the Apollo Marathon for the first time this year.

On-ground Execution

Steadfast curated a solid strategy for engaging with attendees at the Apollo Marathon Bib Collection Expo.

At the expo, which coincided with bib collecting, runners had the opportunity to learn about Steadfast Nutrition's products before the race. They were impressed with our protein range and wellness range of supplements to help them prepare better and outperform during their run.

The bib expo visitors also got the chance to try our premium nutrition, daily essentials, and hydration products. The live sampling counter included Peanut Butter Honey Crunchy, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy, Snergy (Orange), Steadlytes, and Herbfast Protein. The response from the visitors was overwhelming!

Steadfast’s clothing and accessories line was a big hit at the Expo, drawing a lot of visitors. People enjoyed trying out the products and learned how these could complement their performance.

The Steadfast Nutrition team, which included certified nutritionists, spoke with attendees at the event and discussed how the products may help them perform better and stay healthy not only during the marathon but also in their daily lives.

Steadfast Nutrition's diverse strategy ensured that we did not simply showcase our high-quality products but also played an important part in assisting the runners by empowering them with ideal product knowledge, making the Apollo Marathon 2024 an unforgettable and empowering experience for everybody.

Connect & Engagement

Steadfast Nutrition does more than just support marathons. We do it to connect with others who enjoy being active. Marathons allow us to speak and interact directly with our target audience and learn what they need and want while educating them about premium nutrition products, and other nutritional benefits.

By playing an active role in these events, Steadfast Nutrition hopes to create a lasting impression with our premium products and foster a deeper relationship with the running community and sports enthusiasts at the grassroots level.

Gopi Thonakal clinched the Gold in the Elite Men’s category in the Full Marathon, while Ashwini Madan Jadhav emerged as the winner in the Elite Women’s category in the Full Marathon.

Steadfast Nutrition heartily congratulates both of them for this stupendous victory and also to all the participants in the Apollo Marathon 2024 for their immense hard work, grit, and determination in making it to the final race!