Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner @IKRIS Run - Raising Awareness On Breast Cancer

Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner @IKRIS Run - Raising Awareness On Breast Cancer

In 2023, Steadfast Nutrition collaborated with IKRIS Pharma as their Sports Nutrition Partner for the Annual Run, which aimed at impactful action and raising awareness of this worrying issue of breast cancer among women. The event was held on 8th October @I-Thum Towers,  Noida.

A team of certified nutritionists and product managers from Steadfast Nutrition attended the event to give their expert tips to individuals on reaching optimal health. They advised the runners on what to eat and recommended healthy food. These suggestions were intended to help them perform better in sports and live a healthier lifestyle.

Over 200 enthusiastic participants from all backgrounds, including renowned doctors, healthcare professionals, cancer care specialists, and persons from many fields, came together to support this noble cause. The event featured informative and interactive workshops presented by renowned medical specialists, including Dr Meenu Walia, Director and Head of Medical Oncology at Max Hospitals. Dr Walia emphasised the need for early detection, regular screenings, and proactive health measures for women to detect and prevent breast cancer in its early stages.

Steadfast never leaves the chance to pay back to society and goes all out to create awareness of breast cancer either through supporting external events or  internal programmes.

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Team Steadfast gifted all the race participants its premium supplements including whey protein, the vitamin C supplement Stead C, the effervescent electrolyte supplement SteadLytes, and more. This gift of health contained a selection of Steadfast Nutrition's finest items.

Steadfast Nutrition aims to encourage such events across the country which not only promote sports and athletics but also spread the message of leading a disease-free life by adopting an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and practising a daily exercise routine.