Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at the Indian Army’s Ride Kashmir

To mark India's 75th year of independence and promote women’s empowerment, the Indian Army's 19 Infantry Division organised a significant event in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, a women's cycle rally known as Ride Kashmir held in Baramulla. This special rally in September 2021 symbolised empowerment, unity, and cultural diversity, bringing together 100 women from across India for a memorable 65 km ride.

Steadfast Nutrition, the event's exclusive  nutrition partner, played a critical role in guaranteeing each participant's success and vitality by delivering necessary energy & hydration supplements. Our persistent commitment to encouraging fitness and well-being was important in improving the overall performance and endurance levels of the participants, making the event spectacular and unforgettable.

The presence of Ironman Milind Soman (He completed the Ironman Challenge in 2015), as the event's brand ambassador added inspiration. The actor, who is known for his dedication to fitness, motivated participants and spectators alike.

The Ride Kashmir rally showcased India's diverse culture with enthusiastic participation from women representing various regions, including the Kashmir Valley. Participants, dressed in traditional attire, exuded joy and pride, making this event a celebration of physical prowess and cultural heritage.

Steadfast Nutrition along with other team members ensured a comfortable experience with convenient rest stops along the route tailored to women cyclists' needs. This thoughtful arrangement allowed riders to focus on enjoying the journey.

The event was graced by uniformed jawans and officers, sprinkling pride and dedication while symbolising the nation's values and freedom. Well, Ride Kashmir celebrated independence, strength, and unity against the backdrop of the majestic Kashmir Valley, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Ride Kashmir serves as inspiration for future efforts in promoting women's empowerment through sports. Steadfast Nutrition will continue to support initiatives aligned with a progressive and inclusive India, echoing the spirit of freedom and resilience.