Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at Prestigious Noida Grand Marathon, 8th Edition 

Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at Prestigious Noida Grand Marathon, 8th Edition 

Steadfast Nutrition successfully fuelled the marathoners with premium sports nutrition as the Nutrition Partner at the 8th edition of the Noida Grand Marathon (NGM), a marquee event on the Noida fitness calendar that took place on February 8. In attendance were a record number of enthusiastic athletes eager to push their limits and accomplish personal milestones. 

The Noida Grand Marathon is now a popular event for people who love staying fit. It's all about promoting health, feeling good, and bringing people together as a community.

Steadfast Nutrition, India’s most-loved premium nutrition brand in the sports nutrition industry, joined hands with NGM as their official sports nutrition partner, showcasing our extensive range of premium supplements. Steadfast's booth at the marathon was a hub of activity, attracting runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. From the energy-boosting Snergy to products aiding in post-run recovery, Steadfast Nutrition presented a well-formulated lineup of products crafted to support athletes in their fitness journey.

Steadfast Nutrition fuelled the race participants with Steadlytes, a premium electrolyte blend that comes in an effervescent form and helped them stay energised to travel the distance like champions.

Steadfast stole the limelight at the event and one of the highlights of the marathon was the diverse range of race categories, catering to participants with different fitness levels. Whether it was the brisk 5k run or the challenging 21k half marathon, there was a race for everyone, reflecting the event's inclusive spirit and commitment to promoting fitness for all!

Steadfast Nutrition's presence was all about educating and empowering participants to make premium and right choices with their premium product range. Steadfast’s team of certified nutritionists interacted with runners, providing valuable insights into supplement usage and dietary considerations for optimal performance.

In addition to our educational efforts, we also engaged with the audience through various activities and initiatives. Steadfast felicitated winners with goodie bags consisting of premium supplements, acknowledging their achievements and encouraging them to continue their fitness journey and make it big. 

Wow! After the race, everyone was ecstatic and pleased with what they had accomplished. The marathon brought together people from all walks of life, all of whom enjoy exercise and the desire to push themselves.

Steadfast Nutrition in collaboration with NGM provided people with the opportunity to put themselves to the test, meet other people who share their interests, and choose a better lifestyle. These types of events are extremely essential because they motivate individuals to become more active and feel better, inspiring them to enjoy life to the fullest.