Steadfast Nutrition Makes Waves at the HCL Cyclothon 2023

Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at HCL Cyclothon 2023

HCL, a prominent IT enterprise, collaborated with India’s fastest-growing premium nutrition and wellness brand Steadfast Nutrition to ensure the success of the inaugural HCL Cyclothon held in Noida in 2023.

Steadfast Nutrition was the nutrition partner at HCL Cyclothon 2023, fuelling participants with its premium energy supplement Snergy. The event was a significant cycling extravaganza in the region organised to build a culture of cycling while also contributing positively to the local community. Amazingly, this marked HCL's debut in organising such a large-scale cycling event, reflecting their commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and community engagement in association with Steadfast Nutrition.

Steadfast Nutrition, known for its high-quality sports nutrition products, made sure the riders were well-fuelled and hydrated, setting up two booths for hydrating the participants along the way. Before the event, the bib expo took place at the HCL premises where participants took part in activities, eagerly waiting for the cyclothon to begin.

The HCL cyclothon was a big event that resumed after the Covid-19 pandemic halted such gatherings for a time. It was a welcoming change after three years without any major events. Even though it was new, a large number of people expressed interest and signed up.

On the race day, Steadfast Nutrition made sure all the racers stayed hydrated by providing hydration support throughout the event. The partnership between HCL and Steadfast not only promoted fitness and cycling but also showed how important nutrition is for sports performance.

Through this partnership, Steadfast Nutrition showed its commitment to providing top-notch sports nutrition. The event was not just about racing, it was also about celebrating fitness, teamwork, and community. Steadfast Nutrition's involvement in the event further proved it's a leading brand in sports nutrition, dedicated to helping athletes perform their best.