Steadfast Nutrition Introduces its Premium Supplements in Mumbai Gyms


Steadfast Nutrition Introduces its Premium Supplements in Mumbai Gyms

Steadfast Nutrition set out on a mission to establish itself among Mumbai’s fitness community from January 21-25, 2024, aiming to introduce fitness aficionados to our latest premium range of supplements. Over almost a week, our team visited six gyms, conducting sampling sessions both in the morning and evening.

During these sessions, we offered samples of our newly launched products, including Herbfast Protein, Nitromax, and our evergreen bestseller Snergy. The response from gym members was overwhelming, with many appreciating the quality of our formulations and the convenience of our single-serving sachets. To keep participants engaged, we organised various fun activities within the gym premises and rewarded winners with Steadfast hampers.

Our team, comprising product managers and senior nutritionists, was on hand to guide on maintaining a balanced diet while pursuing fitness goals. Many attendees expressed interest in trying out our premium product range, particularly those designed to aid in recovery and boost energy levels. To add to the excitement, we organised a variety of activities that challenged the strength and skills of fitness enthusiasts, culminating in the distribution of Steadfast goodie bags to the winners.

Steadfast Athlete Rohit Shetty Joins as Celebrity Guest

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Steadfast’s star athlete Rohit Shetty, who joined us as a celebrity guest. Mr Universe India 2023, known for his expertise as a bodybuilder, trainer, and fitness enthusiast, shared valuable insights with attendees. He emphasised the importance of consuming  premium supplements according to individual needs and stressed the significance of choosing brands that comply with regulatory authorities.

Overall, the GYM Sampling Activation event served as a platform for us to engage with gym-goers, introduce them to our premium range of supplements, and underscore the importance of nutrition in conjunction with exercise. It was a fantastic opportunity for Steadfast Nutrition to interact with the fitness community and witness their enthusiasm for leading a healthy lifestyle.