Steadfast Nutrition Fuels Riders at ATH MTB 2018

Steadfast Nutrition was the nutrition partner for the thrilling finale of Aravalli Trail Hunters, Meet the Force, Season Finale! The exhilarating MTB race, which concluded in December 2018, saw the enthusiastic involvement of Steadfast athlete Harleen Kaur who added a dash of adrenaline-fuelled excitement to the event.

Well, cycling culture in India has experienced a massive metamorphosis, with bustling cities now full of brightly-clothed riders swarming the streets every weekend. Amid this rising passion, the Aravalli Trail Hunters have come out as a light of Delhi's underground racing scene, carving out a place over the last five years. This event attracts some of the most fearsome riders, who come to test themselves in the dense forest of the Aravalli's complicated and steep terrain. 

Steadfast Nutrition was influential enough in improving the experience for participants by providing them with an extra boost of power and spirit through its star energy range supplement: Snergy. The recovery and wellness range by Steadfast also captured the interest of bikers as well as their fans. Engaging information exchanges were also a great part of the event, highlighting the benefits of various products and stressing the necessity of proper eating and judicious supplementation in improving athletic performance. 

Strategically positioned hydration points covered the ride trail, offering participants a great opportunity to refuel and recharge mid-race, ensuring they could continue pushing their limits without compromise. The Aravalli Trail Hunters (ATH) was conceived as a visionary achievement by Gautam Chima and Abhishek Purohit, fuelled by their tireless passion to introduce and nurture the mountain biking trail culture in Delhi. 

From humble beginnings with only two members and limited financial resources, the ATH has grown into a formidable community with over 11,000 enthusiasts and counting. Its rise to sky-high success is a monument to its founders' tireless dedication and intense commitment as they continue to champion the cause of mountain trail biking with persistent passion and perseverance.  

Steadfast Nutrition and the Aravalli Trail Hunters have formed a collaboration that represents a harmonious junction of passion, performance, and purpose in India's rich cycling terrain. Together, they illustrate the spirit of brotherhood and teamwork, enhancing the lives of bikers and enthusiasts alike while boosting the mountain biking culture to new heights of glory and acclaim!