Steadfast Nutrition Debuts at TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2024

Steadfast Nutrition Debuts at TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2024

The TCS World 10K Bengaluru Marathon 2024 saw a massive turnout, with over 30,000 participants gathering on the warm morning of April 21. The event was filled with energy and enthusiasm, marking a significant moment for the running community.

Steadfast Nutrition marked its appearance at this prestigious marathon by showcasing its premium products at the Mirchi Get Fit Expo, which saw record numbers of runners and their friends and families, eager to sample a variety of our protein supplements and shop for cool and comfortable Steadfast Clothing. Steadfast Nutrition’s team of experienced nutritionists and product managers were on hand to guide athletes in selecting the best sports nutrition products to optimise their performance.

The event also featured standout performances in the competitive races. Kieran Mater set a new event record to win the Indian elite men's race, while Sanjivani Jadhav achieved a hat-trick of gold medals. In the international elite categories, Kenyan runner Peter Mwaniki claimed the title in the men’s category while his compatriot Lilian Kasait was the winner among women.

Steadfast Nutrition’s Recovery & Wellness range was much appreciated, building valuable exchanges of information between runners and the Steadfast team, who discussed the benefits of healthy nutrition and effective sports nutrition supplements, emphasising how athletes can achieve peak performance through proper dietary choices.

For the first time, registrations for both the Open 10K and the Majja Run were oversubscribed, highlighting the growing popularity of this urban sport. A news report suggests that nearly 700 new runners are inspired to start their running journey each day and these steps by Steadfast Nutrition make it a great journey.