November has been an exciting month for Team Steadfast as many of our athletes have won laurels in their respective fields. Steadfast aims and works for the outstanding performance of our athletes, their achievements are our achievements. Here is the list of Steadfast achievers for November:

Tanvi Danke is a personal trainer with abundant knowledge in sports nutrition. Her initial aim was to transform her body into the best shape and health but gradually was addicted to her daily workout routine. She is now a professional powerlifter and has recently won Silver at National Power Lifting Championship. Tanvi is our lifting champ who is ready to shine on the international platform soon.

Anoli Shah is a speed skater from team India and ranked amongst the top 5 skaters of the country. The competitions she has participated in are 15th Asian Roller Sports Championship 2012 (Hefei, China), World Championship 2012 (Rome, Italy), World Championship 2013 (Oostende, Belgium) and Flanders Grand Prix Open World Championship 2013 (Oostende, Belgium). She has recently won 3 golds & 1 silver at the State Roller Skating Championship, 2019.

Rohit Shetty, the star athlete of Steadfast family won a Silver medal at the World Bodybuilding Championship. His years of experience has made him the man with several medals and a well-sculpted body. The control and discipline that Shetty follows is remarkable and proves his dedication to the sport.

Nandini Raj is a bodybuilder from Steadfast who bagged the 4th position at Amateur Olympia and the Gold at Sheru Classic, 2019. She says, “Nothing is impossible just have to work harder and harder to achieve all the goals and I am preparing myself day by day.”

Arvind, the cyclist from Steadfast Nutrition loves to go on uncharted landscapes with his bike while Steadfast looks out for his nutritional needs. Along with his vegetarian diet, he relies on the multi-functioning range of products from Steadfast Nutrition. He is also a part of two praise worth racing clubs ASFRA Racing Team and Ciclo Team Racing.

Shikha Thapa is a super athlete balancing her professional career as a principal with her passion for fitness. She is an inspiration to all for not letting the mundane life overtake her love for a healthy being. She has recently won the fifth position at the Boss Classic 3rd Season making the Steadfast family proud and rejoice with her win.

Nischint Katoch is our warrior runner who is always on the run making his love for running evident while winning medals for every effort he puts in. He has an abundant number of Half Marathons, Full Marathons and Obstacle races to his account. Nischint has won the Gold at Globe racers Bhatti Lake Ultra Run.

Riyazuddin is a road cyclist with several cycling journeys to his credit. He recently scored Gold at National Road Cycling Championship. We always cheer for the best for our athletes.

To many more such victories and medals - Steadfast, Be Beyond Ordinary!