Staying Healthy is the Key to a Successful life!



We are a team of believers and workers for the goal of fitness. Clutching to the thought of healthy living our team took the initiative and organised a short trekking camp in Shimla. Accompanied by 80 knowledgeable nephrologists and their families from North India making it an enjoyable trek. Standing so up close to nature we could feel the true worth of life and how important are both our roles in making it a healthier one.

We shared our range of products with them that they all absolutely loved and showed interest in sharing them with the patients who require these supplements. It feels amazing going ahead with our common aim of curing people stuck in difficult situations.

We work closely with doctors learning about the needs of our patients. Therefore, our products are formulated in such a manner that doctors happily prescribe them to their patients. Our products are run through rigorous lab tests in government approved labs to ensure the quality of the content. All products are FSSAI Certified and free from any heavy metals or steroids. Thorough researches have been done for our products which is why there are no harmful consequences of using Steadfast products in the long term!

Our team comprises of some talented athletes who help us grow stronger and deliver the expected. We stand tall against our competitors for the ingredients and formulation used by us. Looking at how our products help the athletes grow and perform gives us a sense of pride and content that we are on the right path. It is not just about the day of competition but the days of practice that goes in for making a champion. We work on making an athlete a real champion.

That’s why we say, We Understand Organs Better!