Stainless Steel Shaker 750ml Description

Sturdy and Leak-Free - The high-quality lid ensures a leak-free seal, while the sturdy flip cap safeguards the mouthpiece for a drip-free experience.

Non-Toxic - Free from harmful BPAs, this shaker prioritises your well-being, embracing a safe build and design tailored to your everyday workout needs.

Multi-Utility - The shaker doubles as a water/protein bottle, making it versatile for various sports and activities. Bonus - the  750 ml shaker bottle has volume markings outside.

Easy-to-Use - It effortlessly incorporates your supplements —whether it's protein powders or BCAAs —  once mixed with water, ensuring a lump-free mixture.

Comfortable to Carry - You can take your shakes on the go in this easy-to-carry, light-in-weight shaker, be it in the gym or for your daily use.