Round Neck T-Shirt Description

Steadfast Nutrition Round Neck T-Shirt is perfect as a multi-sport wear for endurance athletes be it cycling, running or trekking. It is made from soft cotton and very light in weight. The use of pure cotton makes it ideal to be worn to the gym or during any other physical activity, keeping it light on the body allowing optimum performance. It has a regular fit with short sleeves and neat edges. The fabric is the best in quality and can be machine washed. This T-shirt is highly breathable and lint-free.

It offers the body a lot of coolness and helps keep it dri. It is available in various vibrant colours that seem attractive to the eyes of the onlooker. It is one of the most popularly worn garments around the world. The T-shirt is one of the most comfortable kind of clothing, which has become the most popular fashion statement. The most adaptable clothing, worn by everyone.