Rajneesh Raveendran

Rajneesh Raveendran
Rajneesh Raveendran

Steadfast Athlete Rajneesh Ravendran is a talented boxing coach and a triathlete whose determination leads him to deliver knockout punches. Rajneesh aims to set up a high-altitude training academy for Indian combat sports athletes.

Know more about him:

*Date of Birth: 14/01/1993

*Food preference: Non-vegetarian

*Coach: Self-taught (He is a pro-boxing coach)

*Favourite sportsperson: Usain Bolt

*Favourite product: Power Protein

*Date of joining Steadfast: 2018

*Profession: Boxing Coach/Entrepreneur

*Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, writing, bouldering

Social Media Presence:
Favourite Product: Energy Drink For Cycling