Premium Cork Yoga Mat Description

1. Perfect Combination of Cork & Rubber: Made from cork and natural tree rubber, this combination of materials delivers the perfect balance of cushioning and support for your yoga practice. The surface provides a luxurious and comfortable feel, while the natural rubber bottom layer ensures stability and grip. 

2. Eco-Friendly: This yoga mat is made from a blend of cork and natural rubber without cutting down trees. The mat is eco-friendly since it’s biodegradable, recyclable, and plastic-free.

3. Extra-Large Size: The yoga mat measuring 72 x 24 inches in length & 5.5 mm in thickness offers an extra-large size suitable for practitioners of all heights and sizes, providing ample space for unrestricted movement and comfortable practice.

4. Anti-Slip, Durable: The premium cork yoga mat’s durability ensures it is the perfect addition to every fitness enthusiast's journey - it can withstand intense workouts, while the high-quality cork surface provides a natural, non-slip grip that improves with moisture, making it ideal for all types of yoga practices, including hot yoga.

5. Easy to Clean: The mat can be gently cleansed with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth and does not require to be folded or creased while washing. If it gets dirty, do not submerge it in water. Just gently clean it. Ensure the mat is completely dry.

6. Easy to Carry: It has a bag to carry it with ease wherever you wish to practise.