Power Glutamine Description

Power Glutamine contains 5 grams of pure L-Glutamine that plays a major role in protein synthesis, muscle recovery, gut health, and improved immune system functioning. Power Glutamine is especially beneficial for strength and endurance athletes since it boosts muscle tissue growth, lowers muscles soreness, relieves pain, and helps in quick recovery. Free or L form of Glutamine makes it easier for our cells to absorb. 

Why Steadfast Power Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that serves an important role in many crucial processes of our body. Though glutamine is produced naturally within our body, under certain conditions like injury or sickness, our body needs more of this amino acid than usual. This is when we should take it from external sources. 

Several studies have shown an improved muscle synthesis and enhanced muscle recovery among athletes who incorporate glutamine in their daily diet. Power Glutamine not only helps decrease muscle soreness but also improves muscle mass and provides strength. L-Glutamine is used by our skeletal muscles, liver, kidney, and small intestine with many more benefits. It assists in the transportation and absorption of nutrients. Individuals with a sensitive (weak) gut or those who suffer from leaky gut or Irritable Bowel Syndrome can benefit from consuming Power Glutamine. 

Our immune system is dependent on certain cells and tissues like macrophages and lymphocytes which fight against infections and speed up wound healing. Power Glutamine provides energy to these cells, which in turn makes us less prone to infections. It also reduces inflammation and fights against any foreign invasions that might attack our healthy cells.

Benefits of Power Glutamine: 

1. Rebuilds muscle tissue:

Our body needs nitrogen for muscle synthesis. Glutamine plays an effective role in transporting nitrogen to wherever it is needed within the body. By maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, glutamine helps in rebuilding muscles.

2. Reduces muscle soreness:

The stress induced during intense physical activities can damage muscles. L-Glutamine supplementation has been positively associated with speedy muscle recovery and reduced muscle soreness after an intense workout session. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, glutamine relieves pain and lowers muscle soreness.

3. Aids in muscle growth:

Glutamine is the most important and abundant amino acid responsible for muscle growth. An intense workout session can lead to the depletion of muscle tissues. This breakdown is called catabolism, which is why a protein-rich meal is recommended after a workout to repair the damage and initiate the growth of new muscle. Glutamine can prevent catabolism and promote anabolism or synthesis of new muscles. It is the ultimate fuel for muscle growth.

4. Increased muscle recovery and secretion of growth hormone

Glutamine also increases our body’s ability to secrete the Growth Hormone, which accelerates new muscle growth and burns fat.

5. Promotes healthy gut

Glutamine is favourable for a healthy gut because of its ability to maintain blood-intestinal barriers. This ability makes it a lucrative option for people suffering from indigestion, leaky gut, and irritable bowel syndrome. Tissues in our intestine use Glutamine to function better.

6. Supports enhanced rehydration

L-Glutamine helps maintain an electrolytic balance. Studies have shown that when taken with glucose, glutamine prevents sodium excretion. This can help prevent dehydration and muscle cramps before and after a workout. 

7. Reduces/prevents oxidation of BCAA

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) are a major source of nitrogen for the synthesis of Glutamine. Intense exercise might lead to depletion of glutamine levels resulting in the oxidation of BCAAs- especially leucine. L-glutamine supplementation reduces BCAA oxidation which is critical for muscle growth and recovery.

Who can take Power Glutamine?

1. Strength Athletes: 

Athletes who are involved in a lot of strength requiring activities like bodybuilding or gymming can consume Power Glutamine. During a workout, our liver utilises glutamine to form glucose to produce energy, leading to a dip in glutamine levels which can be fixed by consuming Power Glutamine. Consuming Power Glutamine reduces fatigue levels, resulting in enhanced muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis.

2. Endurance Athletes: 

Endurance athletes like marathon runners and mountain bikers need more endurance and strength. Their sport demands to perform well for a longer duration. Moreover, they are often exposed to different climatic conditions, which affects their gut and immunity. The deficiency of amino acid is likely to cause muscle loss and impact performance. Power Glutamine is excellent for such people as an immunity booster, recovery enhancer, and muscle synthesiser.

3. People aiming for improved gut health: 

L-Glutamine acts as a fuel for intestinal cells and forms a major barrier between the other body parts and intestinal wall. It prevents harmful toxins or foreign bodies from invading our small intestine. In case of lack of glutamine or oxidative stress, toxins might damage our intestinal wall resulting in a leaky gut and increased susceptibility to infections. Power Glutamine can be consumed by a person who is looking to strengthen the gut and increase the utilisation and uptake of nutrients. Individuals suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can also take Power Glutamine to support their gut health, under medical supervision.

4. People aiming to boost immunity: 

L-Glutamine acts as a fuel for the immune system’s macrophages and lymphocytes, that fight infection and help in wound healing. Take Power Glutamine to reduce inflammation and speed up wound healing. In case of injury, immune cells use glutamine at a much faster rate than usual. Its presence results in an increased proliferation of immune cells. Hence, Power Glutamine is the perfect solution as an immunity booster.

When should you take Power Glutamine?

One can take Power Glutamine at any time of the day but strength and endurance athletes should preferably consume it at bedtime, between meals, or before a workout.

How to prepare Power Glutamine?

Mix and dissolve one sachet (5 grams) of Power Glutamine in 250-300 ml of water or juice. Consume twice a day.