PlayStead Description

PlayStead™ is a specialised blend of eight Amino Acids, Carnitine, Creatine Monohydrate, and Caffeine, which increase energy, muscle strength, endurance, and alertness. PlayStead™ is a good workout starter and works best when taken at the beginning of an athletic performance, training, or event. 

PlayStead™ best serves the needs of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts who work out regularly. Athletes preparing for championships like the Olympics should take it before starting their training session. 

Each serving of PlayStead (10 g) contains the following ingredients:

Eight Amino Acids

Playstead contains Beta-Alanine (1215 mg), the Branched Chain Amino Acids- leucine, isoleucine, and valine (950 mg), Tyrosine (600 mg), Citrulline (2000 mg), Arginine (300 mg), and Ornithine (300 mg), which help in muscle protein synthesis, accelerate muscle recovery and increase endurance. 

1) Beta-Alanine

PlayStead contains Beta-Alanine, which increases endurance and stamina by reducing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Intense workout results in the production of lactic acid, excess of which can adversely affect athletic performance. 

Beta-Alanine is especially beneficial for high-intensity exercises- it’s the ideal pre-workout supplement for bodybuilders, powerlifters, cyclists, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. 

2) BCAAs 

PlayStead contains all three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which play an essential role in muscle repair, muscle building, preventing muscle breakdown, and improving glucose uptake. Taken before or during exercise, BCAAs reduce exercise-induced fatigue and minimise muscle breakdown.

3) L-Tyrosine 

L-Tyrosine, an amino acid in PlayStead, is used by the body to synthesise muscle tissues, enzymes, and proteins. It’s also a precursor to neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, which improve focus and enhance mood throughout training.

4) L-Citrulline Malate 

PlayStead contains citrulline malate, a nitric oxide (NO) enhancer that boosts resistance and high-intensity exercise performance and helps in muscle recovery. L-citrulline and malate work in synergy at the intramuscular level to produce ATP, a form of energy.

5) L-Arginine HCl

L-Arginine is a muscle maximiser that increases muscle pump by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to muscles. L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO), which causes vasodilation, improving the blood flow and supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which improves athletic performance. 

6) L-Ornithine Monohydrochloride

The amino acid helps remove toxic ammonia by converting it to urea for excretion. Taken with Arginine, it increases growth hormone levels, causing muscle anabolism. Ornithine combines with glutamine in our body to form alpha-ketoglutarate, which boosts muscle growth and builds stamina. 

7) L-Carnitine 

L-Carnitine, an amino acid primarily found in skeletal muscles, helps the body convert fat to fuel. The body requires energy during workouts. L-carnitine transports fatty acids to mitochondria for oxidation, which increases  energy levels and burns fat at the same time. It prevents the accumulation of body fat and improves metabolism.


PlayStead contains caffeine, which boosts energy and induces the secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which increases alertness and elevates mood. 

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium BiCarbonate helps prevent dehydration and muscle cramps. It benefits athletes because of its buffering and antacid properties. Vigorous exercise increases the production and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, creating an acidic environment that affects athletic performance. Sodium bicarbonate is an excellent buffer, helping balance the body’s pH. 

Creatine Monohydrate 

Creatine helps form ATP, the energy-carrying molecule in cells, which gives instant and sustained energy. It increases muscle growth and muscle strength, which improves athletic performance. The quantity of creatine monohydrate in PlayStead™ is safe to use by athletes whose kidneys are functioning normally. 

Why PlayStead™? 

1. Explicit Energy:

PlayStead™ boosts energy, which helps train and perform better and for long, keeping you energised throughout a workout. PlayStead contains Citrulline Malate and Arginine, which help form ATP- the energy booster. It also has caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy levels.

2. Improves Cognitive Alertness:

PlayStead™ contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. By inducing the secretion of dopamine in our body, caffeine assists in staying alert and focussed. Its intake before a workout increases the utilisation of fatty acids as fuel, reducing exhaustion.

3. Promotes Fat Burning:

PlayStead™ contains L-Carnitine, which converts fat to fuel, promoting fat burning. L-Carnitine also curtails muscle damage, boosts exercise performance, and improves metabolism by preventing the accumulation of unwanted fat in the body.

4. Increases Stamina:

PlayStead contains L-arginine HCl, citrulline malate, ornithine monohydrochloride, and creatine monohydrate, which increase strength and stamina. L-Arginine and Citrulline malate are precursors to nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to muscles and enhancing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Muscles use phosphocreatine formed by creatine monohydrate to increase energy during high-intensity exercises. 

5. Eliminates Toxins: 

High-intensity exercises are associated with increased production of ammonia, a toxic compound that should be eliminated from the body. PlayStead™ contains ornithine and arginine, which convert ammonia to urea for excretion. Ornithine also increases the secretion of the growth hormone and helps in muscle growth and fat burning.

6. Decreases DOMS:

Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) refers to the feeling of muscle pain or discomfort after you’ve worked out. It typically peaks 24–72 hours after a workout. 

PlayStead™ contains Beta-Alanine, which decreases lactic acid, reducing physical fatigue during a workout to decrease DOMS. 

Who can take PlayStead™?

Professional Olympic Athletes:

PlayStead is the ideal pre- workout supplement for strength and endurance athletes (bodybuilders, powerlifters, cyclists) who aim for an aggressive, medal-winning performance. PlayStead™ gives the extra energy burst to their performance during training, prevents muscle breakdown and improves stamina. It’s free of banned substances and heavy metals and is safe to use.

When should you take PlayStead™?

The best time to consume PlayStead™ is before your training session.

How should you take PlayStead™?

Mix one sachet of 10 grams in 300 ml water. The recommended dosage is one serving every day.