Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa was motivated towards fitness since he was in school, determined to lose all the stubborn fat in his body becoming the fitter version of himself.  His first ever weightlifting competition was when he was in 10th standard and secured a Gold for it, moving ahead to the Nationals winning a Silver. 
His next set of awards came from freestyle swimming at the state level bagging a Bronze. Pawan takes gymming as a part of his daily routine just like eating and sleeping. He started participating in Bodybuilding competitions from the 1st year of his college, but contrary to his conception he started to lose out his muscles as he was working hard in the gym. This was when he was introduced to the concept of supplements and how they can enhance an athlete making him the best in their field.  
His hard work both at the gym and how he made it possible by working along with his studies to make the ends meet. His athletic career surged on joining the Gold Gym with winning Gold at Mr MP bodybuilding.  Now that he is a proper trained coach and knows the extent of good nutrition and has very mindfully chosen Steadfast Nutrition as his trusted partner in health.  

  • Silver in State Level Swimming, 2008 
  • National in Weightlifting, 2011
  • 2nd in Mr Iron Men MP Bodybuilding 
  • Gold for Mr MP, 2014
  • 1st runner up in Jerai Wbff
  • 6th in Men’s Physique IHFF Amateur Olympia, 2017
  • Represented India at Body Engineer, 2017 & 1019
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