Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa was motivated towards fitness since his schooldays when he was determined to lose the stubborn fat in his body. He won his first weightlifting competition in Class 10 and secured a gold medal. He subsequently won silver in weightlifting at the national level. Pawan also won medals in freestyle swimming in school- he won silver and bronze at the state level. Pawan started participating in bodybuilding competitions in first year of college and worked out rigorously in the gym. Contrary to his belief, he started losing muscle as he exercised too hard, which was when he tried supplements and learnt that they help build body and boost performance. He worked, studied, and worked out at the same time. His athletic career surged after he won the Gold at the Mr Madhya Pradesh bodybuilding championship. Pawan has chosen Steadfast Nutrition as his trusted partner in health.    

Know more about him:

*Food preference: Vegetarian

*Coach: None (He is himself a coach)

*Favourite Sports person: Michael Jordan

*Favourite product: Incredible Isolate

*Date of Joining Steadfast: 01/10/2019

*Profession: Transformation Coach

*Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Dancing, Writing

Social Media Presence:
Favourite Products:      Energy Drink For Cycling