Oversized T-Shirt Description

• Moisture Management: The breathable fabric helps keep you dry by efficiently managing the moisture your body produces during exercise. This ensures you stay comfortable, cool and focused on your activity.

• 4-Way Stretch Fabric: The material used in the tee can stretch in all directions. This ensures that your movements are not restricted, providing maximum flexibility and a full range of motion.

• Comfort and Durability: The tee features flat lock seams, which lie flat against your skin, reducing irritation and chafing. These seams also contribute to the garment's durability, even during intense activities.

• Lightweight and Cool: The fabric is designed to be lightweight and cool to the touch, making it ideal for high-performance activities as well as casual wear.

• Fabric Composition: The tee is made from a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Polyester provides durability and moisture-wicking properties, while spandex offers stretch and flexibility.