MiCasein Description

MiCasein is a protein obtained from Micellar Casein, which provides a steady and gradual release of amino acids for overnight recovery. Once consumed, MiCasein forms micelles in the stomach, which enables the digesting enzymes to work on them slowly, gradually releasing amino acids. MiCasein offers a complete amino acid profile, preventing muscle breakdown because of intense activity, which makes it a perfect protein choice for everyone- athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts.

How does it work?

Casein protein is one of the two proteins that make up the dairy protein (the other is Whey protein). It is the slow-digesting component of milk protein. When casein is extracted from milk, it entraps calcium and phosphorus in between its micelle structure. Micellar Casein is a pure casein protein with larger micelle structures that take a longer time to digest.  

MiCasein works as a shield against muscle breakdown by providing all the essential amino acids required for muscle recovery. It also contains a non-essential amino acid, proline, which plays an important role in protein synthesis in the body.

The main property of MiCasein is the formation of micelle structures, which delays digestion and leads to a steady and gradual release of amino acids. Once consumed, different digesting enzymes start digesting these micelles by breaking them down in smaller structures, releasing amino acids at the end. This process takes longer and hence leads to a steady and gradual release of amino acids for prolonged recovery, preventing muscle breakdown.

Who can take MiCasein?

Any sportsperson or fitness enthusiast can consume MiCasein depending upon the daily activity. MiCasein is also for those people whose daily intake of protein is less and who need to overcome the early bed fatigue due to insufficient protein in their body. This makes MiCasein a good adjunct for a bedtime meal. 

Strength Athletes: Higher and intense training leads to wear and tear of muscles that may lead to its breakdown, which needs to be taken care of by the right and balanced quantity of protein in the diet. The time for a speedy recovery is after a workout, but to prevent muscle breakdown, a balance between slow and fast protein is important. Casein protein provides a slow release of amino acids which prevents muscle breakdown and improves muscle mass. In addition, MiCasein provides satiety and keeps the stomach full for longer, which can help an athlete in managing his/her weight. 

Endurance Athletes: 

Prolonged activity depletes the energy reserves from the body; it takes longer for the body to recover and maintain performance. MiCasein, being a slow-releasing protein, provides all the essential amino acids important to prevent muscle breakdown and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

Fitness Enthusiasts: 

If you work out regularly and want to gain muscle mass, then MiCasein is just the product for you. Since MiCasein is a slow-digesting protein, it provides recovery for a longer duration and prevents the breakdown of the muscles. The right quantity and quality of protein can help in improving muscle mass by stimulating muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle breakdown.  

When to take MiCasein?

Before bed: MiCasein provides a slow release of amino acids which can provide recovery up to eight hours, making it the best protein before going to bed. Its steady and gradual release of amino acids not only prevents muscle breakdown but also improves sleep quality, important for overall muscle growth.  


When there is a long gap in between the meals, then MiCasein can rescue one from any muscle damage. A long gap can lead to starvation in the body, which ultimately depletes muscle from the body to utilise it as an energy source. MiCasein in between meals prevents muscle breakdown. In addition, it provides satiety and fullness, which can help in avoiding unwanted junk meals to manage weight.  

Why Nights Protein? 

Why Night Protein?

Milk protein is a combination of 80% casein and 20% whey protein. Casein helps with muscle maintenance, while whey protein is a well-known after-workout protein that stimulates muscle growth. Prolonged and intense workouts lead to wear and tear of the muscles, which require adequate protein to build and regain strength. Apart from muscle building, muscle maintenance plays a major role in preventing muscle fibre breakdown.   

When there is a long gap between your meals, the body gets into starvation mode. The absence of carbohydrates causes the body to utilise protein for muscle synthesis. The body starts the breakdown of muscle fibres to make the protein available. This state is known as catabolism which leads to the breakdown of muscles, causing muscle loss. The longest gap in between the meals is the time when you are sleeping. While sleeping, the body regenerates and heals cells from all the wear and tear, and protein is an essential nutrient required for the integrity of the cell membrane. 

Therefore, to prevent muscle loss, one of the effective ways is to start consuming a slow-release protein before sleep. It will provide all the required amino acids that can prevent muscle breakdown while sleeping.   

The best protein to consume before sleeping is casein protein because it is a slow-digesting protein. Casein forms micelle structures on consumption, a thick gel-like structure that is not dissolved in water and gets dispersed. Once consumed, different digesting enzymes start digesting these micelles by breaking them down into smaller structures, which leads to a steady release of amino acids. 

Hence, it prevents the breakdown of muscles. Consuming casein protein delays gastric emptying, which provides a longer duration for the absorption of amino acids, therefore preventing the breakdown of muscles and improving the strength of the muscles. Apart from night-time, one can take casein anytime during the day- when you miss out on a meal or after a prolonged gap in between your meals.  

Micellar casein is a natural form of casein, which provides gradual release of amino acids important to prevent muscle breakdown. It provides a slow release of amino acids for up to eight hours which not only prevents muscle breakdown but also increases lean muscle mass, improves muscle adaption to exercise training, and enhances strength during a workout. The micelle structure formed on the consumption of micellar casein is larger and requires a much longer time to digest and absorb. It helps in providing prolonged recovery to the muscles. Consuming protein after a workout helps in the recovery and repair of the muscles that happened during the workout. However, a prolonged gap because of sleeping can lead to muscle breakdown. Hence, consuming micellar casein before sleeping provides prolonged overnight recovery by making all the amino acids available for the body.  

Therefore, it leads to a slow and gradual release of amino acids in the body that also improves sleep quality. Consuming micellar casein protein enhances the recovery and repair of cells by providing all the required amino acids. 

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