Our Vision

Steadfast Nutrition, being proudly Indian, aims to make India a protein-efficient by 2040.

Our Mission

We are committed to enabling people to improve their quality of life by educating them about the importance of eating protein-rich food and giving them access to affordable, high-quality protein to create a healthier and more prosperous nation.

But we can't do it alone: You must be a part of this movement, too.

Take A Pledge to Get Strong With Protein

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Our Campaign

India needs a protein revolution.

With a population of 1.42 billion people worldwide, almost 80 percent of that population does not consume enough protein daily—and nearly all Indians are unaware of how much protein they should be eating every day to maintain good health and prevent disease onset. 9 out of 10 Indian citizens fall into this category.

Protein deficiency leads to reduced physical strength, impaired immunity, low energy levels, lower productivity, poor cognitive function, and an increased risk of disease.  It impedes the growth of our workforce and hampers our ability to compete with other countries in the global market.

This is a problem—for us and our economy.

Through its campaign, Steadfast Nutrition aims to highlight the importance of consuming a protein-rich diet and the damage low protein intake can cause to health. We also want to break myths about protein supplements and tell people to not hesitate to consume them if their diet lacks protein.