Let’s Grow Stronger Together!

Nutrition plays a crucial role in an adolescent’s life, as this is the time when our body grows towards its maturity. We as a team working on the basics of nutrition know the importance of the right form and amount of nutrient required by a growing body. Playing a sport in school is a common thing but did you know while playing you tend to lose out on your energy and you need additional nutritional support to overcome it.

Steadfast Nutrition team along with Mr Akshay Chopra (former IAF Pilot) recently visited DAV Public School, Rajendra Nagar Ghaziabad. Akshay is a known name in the world of bodybuilding and author of books rich in knowledge of healthy living. He is the co-founder of Body Mechanics chain of gyms and youtube channel ‘WE R STUPID.’

Talking to the young lads at school we could feel how miss informed or less informed were they, but our nutritionists helped them with there queries. Eating fast food has become a trend these days, as it is convenient for parents and tastes good for children.  All these lack nutritional values and clearly reflects in an athletes performance. This session made them realise how they are missing on their nutrient requirements and what could be done to overcome it.

Our Carborance, Incredible Whey, SN Fish Oil and Power Protein are the products that were recommended to the students who are actively involved in any type of sports. Their coach took a keen interest in our products asking for detailed information about how and when should a person consume the supplements. It was refreshing to interact with the young champs of tomorrow and helping them achieve what they aim for.

Steadfast Nutrition stands by the power of nutrition and wishes to spread the word worldwide.

Be Steadfast! Be Beyond Ordinary!