L-Arginine Description

Steadfast Nutrition’s L-Arginine supplement provides 500 mg of L-Arginine, which improves athletic performance by relaxing blood vessels, promotes heart health, boosts immunity, and helps recover from an illness. Athletes, in particular, opt for L-Arginine because it produces nitric acid, which increases nutrient supply to muscles, and supports creatine synthesis, enhancing exercise performance.

L Arginine is an amino acid- a protein precursor. L-Arginine intake enhances athletic performance by increasing blood flow to the muscles, boosting performance capacity. L-Arginine helps synthesise creatine which strengthens muscles and helps them produce energy, improving stamina and sports performance. It’s a semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid, meaning our body cannot synthesise it in conditions like illness or pregnancy.

How does L-Arginine work?

L-Arginine is transformed into nitric oxide, which opens up the blood vessels, improving the blood flow and nutrient and oxygen supply to the muscles. It helps release growth hormones, insulin, and other substances, causing several benefits. 

1. Produces Nitric Oxide (NO2): 

Nitric oxide production improves overall health by increasing blood, oxygen, and nutrient transport to every body part. Nitric oxide relaxes the inside muscles of the blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to open up, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to muscles, improving athletic performance and enabling us to exercise longer.

a) Increases muscle endurance: 

L-Arginine increases nitric oxide levels, enhancing blood flow to muscles and enabling them to receive more oxygen and nutrients, which helps them sustain intensive workouts, relieve muscle fatigue, and expedites recovery.

b) Increases Muscle pump: 

L-Arginine helps synthesise creatine which produces Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)- “the energy currency of the cell”. Creatine thus allows muscle cells to produce more energy during high-intensity exercise, enhancing output. Arginine improves muslce pump by supporting healthy blood flow and energy production.

c) Supports faster muscle recovery: 

L-Arginine improves performance and muscle recovery in individuals by improving blood circulation and delivery of nutrients such as proteins to the muscles, providing them the raw material to recover from muscle damage, which benefits bodybuilders, weightlifters, and sportspersons. 

 2. Boosts heart health: 

L-Arginine may benefit people with cardiovascular problems- it may help improve blood pressure and angina.

• Helps treat angina: 

Research suggests L-Arginine may decrease symptoms and improve the quality of life of people with a mild to severe form of this type of chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. 

• May help regulate blood pressure: 

L-Arginine can lower blood pressure in healthy people or people with mild blood pressure elevation and diabetes.

3. Improves erectile dysfunction: 

L-arginine increases nitric oxide production, which relaxes muscles surrounding the blood vessels of the penis and facilitates blood flow, maintaining an erection.

Other potential benefits of L-Arginine include: 

1. Supports Blood sugar regulation

2. Helps treat critically ill individuals

3. Heals wounds by supporting faster recovery

4. Eases digestive tract inflammation

5. Improves immune function

When should you take L-Arginine?

Take 1-2 capsules of L-Arginine at any time during the day. Athletes can take it as a pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before exercising.