IHFF - Asia’s Largest Fitness Festival

About the Event

Join us for the fitness industry’s most exciting event - the International, Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival 2023. Steadfast Nutrition is the proud presenter of two of Indian bodybuilding’s biggest events at the expo - the Steadfast Nutrition Pro Show and the Amateur Olympia, which will give a global stage to India’s talent to showcase their prowess. Winners of the pro show get a direct entry to Mr Olympia USA.

Steadfast wholeheartedly throws its weight behind the competitions to boost the sport of bodybuilding, which aligns with its objective to make India the World’s Sports Capital by 2050. Over the years, the exhibition has attracted lakhs of participants, exhibitors and spectators. Visit the Steadfast booth to sample and purchase our top-tier supplements. Hob-nob with renowned athletes, including ours and get more insights into fitness.

Meet and Greet Our Champion Athletes

Unforgettable Moments from IHFF 2023

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