Gym Bag - Black

The best in league bag with its steadfast looks and tough build.

• It is a spaciously designed bag to fit all your essentials in a single space.

• The premium fabric makes the bag sturdy and ready to take all that load you wish to carry.

• The amazing 5mm all-side padding helps amplify the support to the bag keeping precious things intact in the bag.

• The side mesh pockets is an extra advantage that lets you carry your shakers or sippers at ease.

• The use of premium zippers makes the function of zipping and unzipping smoother without any breakage.

• The double chains in the pockets help keep your valuable items locked and secure at all times.

• The strong pull strings with adjustable straps are great to avoid any wear or tear of the bag.

• It is sturdy and non-collapsable making it look good and increasing its durability.