Football is a 90 min game divided into 2 halves. This physically demanding sport requires a combination of speed, agility, and endurance. Proper nutrition is important for staying energised and strong when on field. Good quality nutrition should be the priority for football. The fatigue accumulated during matches and training is due to the depletion of muscle glycogen stores, muscle damage and dehydration. Good quality nutrition aids in recovery from fatigue by providing carbohydrate, fluid, protein and other essential components.
Football is a high endurance activity that needs energy supply, thus pre game carbs and post game proper protein intake helps reduce stress and avoid injuries. A footballer’s body keeps rebuilding itself from the substrate provided via the diet. Therefore, eating the right kind of food is important for the best shape and strength.
Football players should be aware of the impact of nutrition on the recovery process after exercise. The role of recovery nutrition is to refill carbohydrate stores and maximise the muscle protein synthesis with sufficient protein at appropriate intervals. Each player has different energy needs, therefore customised diet plans are recommended. Athletes should try and avoid dehydration with an adequate hydration plan. The physical demands of the game are sufficiently high to require a higher rate of energy production.
The intake of carbohydrates should be maintained as it is the only way of keeping up with the daily requirements. Therefore, a diet plays a crucial role in every athletes life. Also an adequate intake of protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, which can easily be achieved through Power Protein and Incredible Whey. Choose the products you put into your system wisely as they are the medium of making the best of your body./div>
Supportive: Collastead, Fish Oil, Vitamin D and Multivitamin
Assists in improving the immune health of footballers, keeps their tendons and ligaments strong, hence reducing the risk of a sprain and strain; reduces inflammation, oxidative stress and keeps the joints, bones, heart, brain, digestion and eyes healthy.
₹ 900.00

Footballers can face high risk of muscle injury and strain if they are not able to maintain their vitamin D levels and bone health. It supports optimal performance and strengthens the ability to move and kick.

₹ 600.00
Omega 3 fatty acids help improve recovery by decreasing inflammation in the muscles by reducing oxidative stress and keeping joints, bones, heart, brain, healthy.
₹ 1,100.00

Football requires hard work, significant practice time on the ground and eating a balanced nutritious diet,and additional vitamins and minerals may be needed to boost their performance as it helps in timely energy production.

₹ 2,100.00

Collastead is a product rich in collagen peptides and is made up of marine collagen. Collastead can promote muscle synthesis for footballers. Also, collagen has been associated with reducing inflammation, easing pain and muscle soreness.

Post: Power Protein and LIV Raw are perfect proteins for footballers, for maximising muscle recovery and reduce cramps.
₹ 2,100+
To be a great football player, it demands physical training for improved muscular strength and stamina. It is wise to get a premium source of protein supplement post game for instant recovery and synthesis of muscles. Power protein is a perfect blend of slow and fast release protein, with added benefits of minerals.
₹ 2,100+

Whey protein isolate provides a source of rapidly digesting protein for use after football matches or sessions and between meals to boost protein intake.

₹ 2,700.00

Pre: Power Active assists perfectly as a pre meal in keeping energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, presence of vitamins, minerals and special ingredients helps boost one’s performance.

Power Active is a health-based drink meant for an active endurance sport like football. It provides energy for fuelled up performance and protein for muscle recovery post training.

₹ 1,800.00

Bed Time: MiCasein provides slow digesting pure micellar casein to footballers for overnight complete muscle recovery caused due to stress during training and matches.

The stress of football training on muscles is tremendous , which requires overnight repair by abundant supply of amino acids for adequate recovery. Casein is the best source of protein for overnight recovery.

₹ 800.00

During: Carborance is an ideal energy drink for footballers to meet high demanding energy levels by providing instant and sustained carbohydrates during training and competition.

It is important to provide adequate energy right before the training/ competition, to meet the challenges of high-intensity football sport which involves jumping, sprinting and intermittent energy performance.

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