Competition Robe Description

The Blue Robe from Steadfast Nutrition is the best competition robe made from high-quality satin is breathable and quick-dry. The robe is made of really fine fibres that allow it to dry quickly and absorb sweat easily. It is soft to touch material which does not irritate the skin and soothes it. The full sleeves of the robe give it an edgy look while covering the body properly pre and post-competition. It is light in weight and best for competition as it doesn’t make one feel heavier while wearing it. You can use the robe and clean it on the go as it is easy to wash while there are zero chances of losing any colour or shine.

It is available in all universal sizes, that fits athletes of every category of stage competitions.

This outstanding robe has SN written to its front-side while Steadfast on its back. It falls beautifully on your body enhancing all your curves and letting you flaunt on the body that you have worked on so passionately.

The soft robe is suitable for athletes both pre and post-competition performances. Join the Steadfast army to shine among your competitors.