Comic Waist Pouch Description

•  Water Resistant:  Made from durable and lightweight fabric this waist bag protects your essentials as it is water-resistant. It's great for daily errands and outdoor activities, even during workouts or travels where moisture protection is essential.

•  Quality Zippers: This bag uses premium zippers, ensuring durability and reliability, just like those used by top brands. With quick and easy access to your belongings, this waist pack keeps your hands and arms free. 

•  Adjustable Strap: With an adjustable waist strap, this bag fits comfortably around the waist or across the body for both men and women. The nylon strap is adjustable for waist sizes ranging between 28-48 inches, making it versatile for various carrying styles like a chest bag, side bag, or pouch.

•  Multi-functional: Featuring three zipper pockets, this waist bag helps you organise your essentials with ample storage and a sleek design. Ideal for shopping, travel, festivals, jogging, cycling, hiking, and various outdoor activities, its lightweight material ensures maximum convenience.

•  Durable Material: This cool and funky waist pouch is made of high-quality fabric making it sturdy. The unisex waist pouch is made from premium fabric that exudes quality and strength.

•  Versatile Wearing Styles: Wear it around the waist, over the shoulder, or across the chest, offering flexibility for personal comfort and style preferences. The unisex pouch can be styled by anyone from teenagers to adults.