CollaStead Description

CollaStead contains high-quality collagen peptides derived from marine fish, Rosehip Extract, and Vitamin C, which improve skin elasticity, strengthen hair and keep joints, bones, ligaments, connective tissue, and nails healthy. CollaStead has been formulated scientifically. It is safe and organ-friendly. 


Collagen peptides

CollaStead offers collagen in the form of peptides, which are smaller in size, of low molecular weight, easy to digest, highly absorbable, and bioavailable. Collagen is the most abundant protein that holds our body together and enables us to move, stretch, and bend. Collagen, necessary for all of us, is found in most body parts. With ageing, our body produces less collagen- its level depletes naturally. Reduction of collagen may result in joint pain, weak cartilage, wrinkled skin, hair fall, and poor immune health. 

Vitamin C

The role of vitamin C in the effectiveness of collagen is irrefutable- Vitamin C is present in high concentrations in our skin and is essential for the synthesis of collagen fibres. It heals connective tissue and acts as a cofactor for the synthesis of proline and lysine hydroxylase that allow collagen fibres to form a stable structure. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, effectively fights free radicals, environmental pollutants, toxins, and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which deplete collagen levels.

Rosehip Extract

Rosehip extract in CollaStead, extracted from the rosehip fruit of the rose plant, strengthens its health-boosting profile. Rosehip is popular across the globe for its delicious flavour and wide-ranging health benefits. Rosehip is an anti-inflammatory. It contains  galactolipid, which accounts for its anti-inflammatory action. Multiple clinical trials have identified rosehip extract as beneficial for treating joint pain, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Rosehip is also rich in antioxidants, a boon for heart, brain, skin, and immune health.


1. Alleviates Joint Pain: 

CollaStead eases joint movement and reduces pain. When we lose collagen, our ligaments and tendons are unable to move with ease, resulting in swelling and stiffness. Collagen helps form cartilage, which covers the end of the bones in healthy joints. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage is worn away, leading to a direct contact among bones and resulting in joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. A 24-week study conducted by Clark et al in 2008 on 147 athletes to examine the efficacy of collagen supplements on activity-related joint pain observed collagen supported their joint health and reduced the risk of joint deterioration.

2. Reduces inflammation:

CollaStead has an impressive amino acid profile. It is high in glycine, which possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation by suppressing the activation of inflammatory cytokines, easing pain and soreness. Rosehip in CollaStead also helps curtail inflammation because of the presence of a galactolipid that diminishes the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as InterLeukin 1 beta, InterLeukin 6, and InterLeukin 12. It reduces the levels of C-reactive protein produced in the liver in response to inflammation.

3. Powerful Antioxidant: 

Glycine in CollaStead helps synthesise glutathione - an antioxidant naturally produced in our body. Glutathione and the antioxidants vitamin C and rosehip shield healthy cells and tissues against free radicals and oxidative stress, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular and brain disorders.

4. Reduces Skin Ageing: 

Collagen is well-known for its anti-ageing properties. It is used widely in the cosmetic industry in anti-ageing, skin-tightening creams, lotions, and beauty serums. Collagen production reduces with age. The effects begin to appear on our skin. Collagen helps maintain skin elasticity, hydration, and tightness. It minimises the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, and fine lines, giving a healthy glow to the skin. It’s a rich source of collagen and antioxidants, which keep us young, repair skin damage, and brighten the skin. Buy collagen.

5. Healthy Hair and Nails: 

Our hair and nails are primarily made of the protein keratin. Our hair roots are attached to the middle layer of skin, which contains approximately 70% collagen. Less collagen weakens hair roots, resulting in hair fall and making the nails brittle. So if you’re looking for a one-stop remedy for hair fall, hair thinning, and brittle nails, CollaStead is the answer- it contains the amino acid proline in abundance, which helps form keratin, strengthening the hair and skin and making them strong and shiny.

6. Promotes Muscle Synthesis: 

CollaStead is abundant in amino acids, which synthesise muscle proteins. It contains glycine, which is utilised by our body to naturally synthesise creatine- the fuel for muscles, making it beneficial for athletes involved in strenuous physical activity.

7. Strengthens Gut: 

CollaStead helps improve digestive health and boosts gut health by providing the necessary amino acids - glycine and glutamine- needed to maintain a healthy blood-intestine barrier, prohibiting toxins and unwanted foreign bodies from entering our intestine and interfering with its functioning. The presence of glutamine makes CollaStead excellent for people suffering from a leaky gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Studies suggest glycine and proline in CollaStead are effective inhibitors of stomach ulcers.

8. Improved Sleep Quality: 

Glycine in CollaStead improves sleep quality. It is well-known for its brain-calming effects. Glycine increases serotonin levels, controls the symptoms of sleep deprivation, and helps normalise the sleep cycle.


Collagen Peptide, Rosehip Extract Powder, L-Ascorbic Acid, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Sweeteners (INS 955 & INS 950)


1. Athletes: 

Strength and endurance athletes require a healthy muscle mass for improved athletic performance- CollaStead supplies the amino acids needed for muscle synthesis and growth. Athletes tend to exert a lot of pressure on their joints and bones- CollaStead protects their joints, ligaments, and tendons from damage and improves movement and flexibility.

2. People suffering from joint pain: 

Health issues like joint pain and osteoarthritis increase with age. Severe pain and inflamed and stiff joints make it difficult for a person to perform even simple day-to-day activities- CollaStead is a boon for such people as it soothes pain and inflammation. It helps repair cartilage and prevents the disorder from progressing further.

3. Anyone desiring youthful skin: 

CollaStead is rich in type I collagen and antioxidants, which give you ravishing skin. It slows ageing and helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines giving a smooth, supple, and youthful skin.

4. People suffering from hair fall: 

Instead of spending thousands of bucks on expensive keratin treatments for smooth and lustrous hair, opt for CollaStead and allow your body to produce keratin naturally. CollaStead is a convenient, economical, and safe way to keep your hair and nails healthy and shiny and prevent breakage.

5. Anyone looking for overall well-being: 

It is a scientifically proven fact that we all tend to lose collagen as we grow. It is imperative to maintain the required collagen levels in our body to prevent complications resulting from damage to connective tissues, bones, joints, skin, ligaments, and tendons- CollaStead provides an all-rounder type I collagen. Hence, anyone can use it for overall health and wellness.


Take CollaStead at any time during the day.


Mix one sachet (10 g) in 100 ml water. Consume one serving daily.