Each serving sachet (62.5 gm) of Carborance provides 237.5 kcal of energy. Unique blend of carbohydrates that provides quick & sustained energy without taxing the digestive system. It contains Sodium and Chloride, which help prevent muscle cramps and combat fatigue.Helps endurance athletes stay energised during and after exercise.
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Carborance is a high-quality blend of simple and complex carbohydrates and essential electrolytes for endurance athletes who perform more than two hours of intense exercise. The carbohydrates provide the body with sustained energy and fulfil hydration needs. Carborance contains maltodextrin, pre-gelatinised corn starch, sucrose, fructose, and sodium chloride, which are easy to digest and give results after consumption. It’s free of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, heavy metals, or steroids.

Why Carborance?

The stomach undergoes traumatic movements while racing. Not all athletes can stomach the artificially-flavoured, sweetened, and indigestible molecules in many nutrition products on the market. Carborance contains only nutrients essential for high-intensity, long-duration activities, which are quickly digested and do not distress the stomach or affect organs.

Carbohydrates fuel an athlete. Carborance contains carbohydrates that provide energy for longer and replenish energy lost during exercise and other prolonged activities. It spares other macronutrients from being converted to energy. Carborance fulfils an athlete’s need for constant energy to perform at optimum levels during a championship without sugar spikes.

Athletes use glycogen during a performance, which leads to muscle fatigue and cramps. Besides taking carbohydrates through meals, they can take Carborance according to their age, lifestyle, metabolism, and training intensity.

How does Carborance work?

Carborance is a balanced composition of natural ingredients. It’s mild in taste and light on the stomach and meets nutrition needs on the go. Have Carborance before, during, or after a workout or competition to allow a sustained energy release. It’s easy for the body to absorb and lets an athlete focus on the race without losing energy.

The simple and complex carbohydrates ensure no sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients and their benefits.

1. Maltodextrin:

The complex carbohydrate has six to 10 glucose units, which provide energy gradually. Maltodextrin has a mild sweet taste and is easy to digest and absorb. It sustains energy levels, especially during endurance training, with fewer chances of insulin drops.

2. Pregelatinised Corn Starch:

The ingredient acts as a source of energy by providing a steady flow of glucose for prolonged activities. It’s gluten-free and low in sodium, reducing the chances of allergies and a rise in blood pressure.

3. Sucrose:

Sucrose is a simple sugar that tends to break down before absorption, reducing the chances of abdominal discomfort caused by direct glucose ingestion.

4. Fructose:

Fructose is a simple sugar with a low glycemic index, giving a slow and steady release of energy for working muscles. Like maltodextrin, fructose has a sweet taste.

5. Sodium Chloride:

Sodium Chloride gives optimal rehydration by reviving the essential fluid lost through sweat. One cannot afford to get dehydrated after a workout or during a competition. Sodium Chloride prevents headaches, lethargy, and loss of concentration.

When should you take CARBORANCE?

The best times for taking Carborance are:

Before Workout:

If you’re looking for a carbohydrate-rich product before your race or workout, then use Carborance for optimal carbohydrate loading.

During Workout:

If your race or workout lasts more than two hours, use Carborance to fuel your body on the go.


An athlete or fitness enthusiast should take Carborance depending on their sport, training intensity, and lifestyle. If you want to boost energy during a workout or intense activity, take one serving of Carborance every hour or as a dietician recommends. Others should maintain the dosage depending on their daily meal intake, lifestyle, and activity level.

Who can take Carborance?

Carborance is formulated according to the Indian dietary regulatory standards. The unique energy and electrolyte formula for steady energy release meets the FSSAI 2018 guidelines. Anyone, from endurance athletes to active office goers can take Carborance.

Endurance athletes who exercise rigorously for more than two hours should take Carborance- the formula enables them to exercise or compete in a race at a steady pace without faltering. Road and mountain bikers, marathon runners, ultra-runners, cricket players, swimmers, triathletes, footballers, hockey and badminton players who require energy to stick on the court can opt for the energy drink.

Carborance is a slow-releasing carbohydrate, hence is safe for athletes with diabetes since it prevents a sudden drop or spikes in blood sugar.

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The process to prepare CARBORANCE is hassle free and super easy. It is as simple as drinking a glass of water when you are in utmost need of it! Fill approx 250 ml water in a shaker, add 1 sachet (62.5 g) of CARBORANCE and shake well for approx 10 to 20 seconds. Top off with water to make 750 ml and shake again. Athletes undergoing maximum physical exertion can take 1 serving per hour.

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1. What is Carborance?

Steadfast Carborance is a unique blend of complex and simple carbohydrates along with electrolytes for prolonged high-intensity activity.

2. Why are two groups of carbohydrates used in the formula?

The simple carbs give an instant energy boost, whereas complex carbs give prolonged energy for endurance activity.

3. What is the energy value of Carborance?

1 serving of Carborance i.e. 62.5 gm gives 237.5 kcal of energy.

4. Who can take Carborance?

Any athlete or fitness enthusiast irrespective of their gender can take Carborance for boosting energy levels.

5. What is the serving size of Carborance?

Serving size of Carborance is 62.5 gm served in a tri-layered sachet.

6. How to use Carborance?

Fill approx. 250 ml water in a shaker, add 1 sachet (62.5 gm) of Carborance and shake it well. Then add 500 ml of water to make a total of 750 ml.

7. What is the purpose of adding electrolytes in Carborance?

Sodium and chloride added in carborance help to relieve muscle cramps and prevent fatigue.

8. What is the carbohydrate % present in Carborance?

The carbohydrate % present in Carborance is 95% per serving.

9. Can this product be taken for ultra-endurance activities?

This product is very beneficial for ultra-endurance activities as it gives instant as well as sustained energy which is mainly required in ultra-endurance activities.

10. When to use carborance?

Carborance can be used as a pre-workout for carbohydrate loading as well as during workout for energy maintenance.


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Optimal Hydration


No Stomach Distress


Instant & Sustained Energy Release

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Viren Singh
The Supplement For Every Athlete

The combination of simple and complex carbs helps to keep my energy level up during intense training sessions.

Harshit Agarwal
Amazing Supplement

Great combination of Simple and Complex carbs for boosting your endurance and energy

Falak Sharma
The best supplement for endurance

Carborance is really good

Perfect supplement to take before workout

Carborance has the mix of simple and complex carbs which makes it the most ideal supplement to take before your workout

Highly recommended!

Finally, a carb blend that doesn't upset my stomach.