Sweat, dedication, and Warmax: Steadfast Athlete and Mr Asia 2019 Rohit Shetty’s Story is a Must Read

Sweat, dedication, and Warmax: Steadfast Athlete and Mr Asia 2019 Rohit Shetty’s Story is a Must Read

Feb 08, 2024

"Sweat when nobody's watching, bleed when nobody's watching, work while they play, that’s the price”- Steadfast Athlete and Mr Asia 2019 Mr Rohit Shetty aka Shettiyano, a well-known name in the fitness industry, believes in this adage. Like many others, Shettiyano has had his share of struggles, which have made him who he is.

We all, at some point, might have discussed how challenging is it for individuals to lose or gain weight. It’s heart breaking to see the scale has not moved even a bit, which makes you think that maybe you can never change or the world will never accept you for who you are. Losing weight is commonly spoken. There’s a perception that only people who are overweight face issues. However, we often ignore that it is similarly frustrating for those trying to gain some weight or build some muscles but find it difficult.

Rohit Shetty, also known as Anna, experienced similar challenges- from a skinny 14-year-old to Mr Asia 2019, his journey is all about these roadblocks. As a child, Shettiyano loved action figures like GI Joe and He-Man. He had always dreamt of becoming like them while growing up, which made him work hard towards bodybuilding and start rigorous workout sessions.

Becoming like his favourite hero seemed fascinating, but was it that easy? No, it took days and nights of blood, sweat and toil to reach where he is today. Frantic to gain weight, Shettiyano resorted to junk food, which did make him gain weight but not in the way he really wanted- he was gaining fat but not muscle.

"I just thought often about the kilos I was putting on. I didn't understand that a large portion of it was fat and very little muscle,” Shettiyano said.

While Shettiyano started to do heavy lifting in 2001, it was only after 2010 that he partook in his most memorable competitions. He won a bronze medal in Mr Asia 2017 (IBBF), bronze at Mr World  2017, and silver at Mr World 2019. It required a long time and extra effort to prepare for Mr Asia 2019, in which he bagged a gold medal.

“It seems that since I have begun my journey into the sport of bodybuilding, other than all of the conversations about training, dieting, being healthy, how much can you bench and so forth, I feel that one of the least talked about subjects is the unintentional selfishness that comes with the sport. By unintentional selfishness, I mean if you are truly 100% dedicated to achieving a physique beyond the social set limits, it’s not a choice to be selfish- it’s a requirement. It’s a type of dedication that involves every aspect of your life. Your family, your relationships, your friendships and most importantly, you! The self-sacrifice you subject yourself to in this world is beyond human limits! First of all, u must have the ‘eat or get eaten’ mental attitude!,” said Shettiyano.

Shettiyano joined Steadfast Nutrition in 2018 and became an important member of the family, helping the brand by promoting it and helping formulate one of the best protein supplements of Steadfast- Warmax protein. He thinks of Steadfast as his family and is an active part of the organisation. He says he realised the difference between good and the best supplements only after taking Steadfast Nutrition’s nutraceuticals.

“After I was introduced to Steadfast Nutrition, I realised the difference between good and the best supplements and how the body responds when you consume supplements with genuine and high-quality ingredients.

Shettiyano says his best achievements have come after joining Steadfast as an athlete.

From gold at the Mr Asia 2019 to silver at the Mr Universe (Korea), my best achievements, so far, in my sport have been after I joined Steadfast Nutrition as an athlete since my entire micro and macro nutrient stack was replaced with products by Steadfast Nutrition.

“Steadfast Nutrition has heavily contributed to my career- their support has been invaluable,” says Shettiyano.

He loves all Steadfast products, but his favourite products are Warmax,, Fish Oil, the energy and hydration drink Snergy, the protein supplement Incredible Isolate, and the amino acids Power Glutamine. His immense love and respect towards the brand is known to all in the industry.

Steadfast is proud to fuel this exceptional athlete and wishes him the best in his future endeavours.