Steadfast Nutrition’s Supplements Led to Game-Changing Innings: Under-19 Domestic Cricket Player Pratik Bhakat

Steadfast Nutrition’s Supplements Led to Game-Changing Innings: Under-19 Domestic Cricket Player Pratik Bhakat

Feb 08, 2024

Pratik Bhakat represents Jharkhand in under-19 domestic cricket matches. He has faced politics, favouritism, and the pressure of studies while playing cricket and remained undeterred through it all, improving his performance with every game. 2018-2019  was a golden year for him. He scored numerous runs and performed in every match, resulting in his selection in the under-19 team. Prateek has since participated in the Men’s State A trophy 2022-2023, the Cooch Bihar Trophy 2019-2020, the Vinoo Mankad Trophy 2019-2020, and the Byjus T20 championship from 2020-2022.

Pratik, who’s currently pursuing BBA, started playing cricket at the age of 8. The most challenging factor while playing was studies- there were many occasions when he had to leave exams and play matches. “But touchwood, I managed both very well,” he says.

He opened up about his battle with politics and favouritism, revealing that even though he scored runs, his selection remained in doubt. He countered these with “game-changing innings” and joined Steadfast Nutrition, which boosted his mental health. Pratik subsequently started playing domestic cricket for Jharkhand. Things are moving in the right direction for him now.

Prateik credits Steadfast Nutrition for improving his sports performance and helping him set new milestones.

“I was an average cricketer with dreams- after joining Steadfast Nutrition, my ability to work and play changed, with an increase in nutrition level, which helped me to conquer small milestones and reach my ultimate goal. I was from a place where cricket is highly promoted, but politics plays a vital role in every sport. I made runs, still my selection was in doubt. Playing game-changing innings was the only way to get highlighted. Steadfast Nutrition helped me boost my mental health and mindset with proper nutrition. After that I stared playing domestic age cricket from Jharkhand. Things are now moving in right right direction.”

For Prateik, the factors to becoming a top-notch batsman are practising on the nets and eating right. His favourite supplement is the protein supplement Incredible Whey.

Like any other player, Prateik has had his share of injuries and other discomforts in his initial years, but tackled these with proper nutrition and gym workouts.

Prateek’s favourite supplement are the amino acids Active BCAA since they improve his  athletic performance, reduce muscle fatigue and “give me an opportunity to excel in each game.” He takes the protein supplement Incredible Whey for muscle recovery and muscle building. 

“My favourite is Active BCAA since it enhances my capabilities and gives me the opportunity to excel in each game. I aim at the Ranji Trophy in the coming years. Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements give me strength, assuring best performance. During long-duration matches or training, Active BCAA reduces muscle fatigue, muscle breakdown and acts as an intramuscular fuel when glucose or glycogen levels start depleting from the body. I have been taking Incredible Whey for more than six months. It has supported me in my goal of muscle recovery and synthesis, and has many other benefits.

Prateik likes gaming and evolving his mindset to keep himself in shape. He looks forward to a good season in 2022-2023.

Steadfast Nutrition is happy to fuel this determined athlete.