Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar, Bikini Bodybuilding’s Golden Girl

Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar, Bikini Bodybuilding’s Golden Girl

Feb 08, 2024

Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar’s journey is paved with hard work, persistence, and perseverance. The disciplined and dedicated athlete, who is helping revolutionise bodybuilding in India by competing as a bikini athlete- a hitherto unchartered territory- won three gold medals in 2022 in two months, extraordinary for an athlete. Surbhi won back-to-back golds at the National Physique Committee's North India and Mr TriCity Physique and Bodybuilding Championship, the largest bodybuilding competition in North India, followed by one at the Naresh Surya Classic and then at the Baba Anand Arnold Classic. She aims to win a pro card at the upcoming Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers in June 2023.

Surbhi was inspired to become a bikini athlete after attending the Sheru Classic in 2018. She was motivated watching the show and aspired to have a bikini physique. Surbhi decided to participate in bodybuilding shows. She worked out and trained dedicatedly and started winning championships, which boosted her morale and self-confidence. Winning is her first priority, making her participate in shows.

Surbhi doesn’t let weakness stand between her quest for success. She stands tall in the face of adversity, which allows her to produce beyond ordinary results. Her journey to the top is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Surbhi dedicates her triumphs to nutrition supplements by Steadfast. She adheres to strict training and diet routine and takes Steadfast supplements while preparing for any championship.

Surbhi won a gold at the NPC Bodybuilding and physique championship 2021 and notched it up with another win at the same event the subsequent year and two more golds in other tournaments. She suffered a setback at the 2022 International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festivals and couldn’t win medals at any championship organised at the mega event. She was demotivated and stopped going to the gym. She even stopped dieting and put on 20 kilos. She took almost two months to emerge from this low phase and train. Surbhi is on a diet and has started prepping for the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers, which will take place at the IHHF 2023 in June.

Surbhi has a good insights into maintaining a healthy diet and preparing for a championship. She believes though supplements and exercise are important for a bikini athlete, posing plays an equally important role while preparing for any competition. Surbhi devotes time to posing in her daily routine.

The ace athlete thanks Steadfast Nutrition for fuelling her athletic Journey as she prepares for IHFF 2023. She takes Incredible Isolate (Mango) and Active BCAA for muscle recovery after intense training sessions. She also includes Power Glutamine, LeanFast, Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil, Curcumin, 5-HTP, Melatonin, and Milk Thistle by Steadfast for overall wellness and muscle growth. However, her favourite supplement from the Steadfast range is CollaStead. Apart from Collastead. 5-HTP helps her reduce stress during competitions. Melatonin helps her complete 7-8 hours of sleep, essential for an athlete.

Surbhi Jaiswar says Steadfast Nutrition has played a role in her winnings, which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the nutrition brand.