Steadfast Athlete Reeta Devi’s Workout Regimen: Cardio, Walks and a Never-Say-Die Attitude

Steadfast Athlete Reeta Devi’s Workout Regimen: Cardio, Walks and a Never-Say-Die Attitude

Steadfast Athlete Reeta Devi is a tenacious physique athlete and a fitness model who has played in several matches organised by the Indian Body Builders Federation (IBBF), the governing body for bodybuilding matches in India. The 29-year-old entered the field in 2018 and has since won the gold in several championships, including the Avon classic, Elite Classic, Aman Classic and Miss North India.

The 29-year-old, a BCA graduate, worked as a marketing professional and online bidder before pursuing a full-time career in bodybuilding. Her sporting journey started after she put on weight because of a poor lifestyle- she was taunted for being fat, which impacted her well-being.

“I am 5 feet, my body weight should be 45-50 kg, but I became 68 kg because of a hectic work schedule. I used to spend 16-18 hours in front of the laptop. I had poor food habits because of which I gained the extra pounds,” says Reeta

Reeta started doing home workouts, cardio and took a proper diet. She read articles, saw YouTube videos and regained her weight, which was average.  She joined a gym. Her trainer motivated her to pursue a career in fitness and introduced her to a bikini athlete competing at the event. After watching the athlete’s performance, Reeta Devi made up her mind to become a professional bikini bodybuilder. She won a silver medal at her first show- the Ms Kalka Bodybuilding Championship, organised by the IBBF (CHECK YEAR) and a gold at the Ms Chandigarh Bodybuilding Championship in 2018.

Unfazed with the stigma being a bodybuilding athlete brings, Reeta continued preparing for professional contests, winning the Miss Chandigarh Bodybuilding Championship in 2019. She joined Steadfast Nutrition in 2019 when she was preparing for Ms Chandigarh.

Reeta says she would never have got a better sponsor than Steadfast Nutrition. Her favourite supplements by Steadfast are the protein supplements Incredible Isolate, Warmax and Power Protein and the collagen peptide CollaStead for skin.

“I could never have got any better sponsor than Steadfast Nutrition. They take care of my monthly stack. Though they are the official sponsor of the Sheru Classic, they look after other athletes who are not playing under the IBBF,” says Reeta.

“Steadfast Nutrition has a wide range of products- from various proteins to wellness supplements. I am a big fan of Steadfast proteins because of the variety. My favourite supplements are Incredible Isolate, Warmax, and Power Protein. The idea of L-Arginine in tablet form is the best. I love CollaStead for my skin. I wish Steadfast Nutrition all the love and luck,” says Reeta.

Reeta follows a rigorous workout regime. She’s always prepping- be it on season or off season- she begins her day with a cardio empty stomach and walks outdoors for almost two hours. She hits the gym after breakfast and works on her upper and lower body, resuming gym after a meal. She walks in the evening.

Reeta works out for three hours and does 3-4 hours of cardio while preparing for a competition. She consumes protein the double of her body weight and takes Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements- Incredible Isolate, Incredible whey or Warmax- between her meals and 10-12 eggs and 100-200 grams of chicken a few times a week.

Steadfast Nutrition wishes more power to this gritty athlete.

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