Steadfast Athlete Prateek Thakur, Always on the Right Track

Steadfast Athlete Prateek Thakur, Always on the Right Track

Steadfast Athlete Prateek Thakur is a software engineer by profession and an endurance athlete by heart. When not working, Prateek can be found on his cycle. Prateek podium finish at the MTB Shimla 2021 and the one in 2019 (Team of Two Category), one of the toughest two-day stage races in the mighty Himalayas. Prateek won a silver medal in the MTB Shimla 2021 championship, silver in the Aravalli Trail Hunters (ATH) Season Finale 2019 and 2018, and bronze in the MTB Shimla 2019. For his marathons, his best timings are 3 hours and 20 minutes for a full marathon of 42.2 km and 1 hour and 31 minutes for a half marathon of 21.1 km.

Prateek, who follows a super-disciplined lifestyle, is an IIT Roorkee pass-out and a software engineer at Samsung India. Stressed with work, Prateek was returning home from the office one day in 2016 and decided to cycle his way back home by borrowing a colleague’s bike. That 10 km ride was a turning point in his life.

Prateek started cycling professionally in 2017 and was on podiums for most of the races in which he participated. With his complete dedication to the sport and his disciplined lifestyle, his performance kept peaking. Prateek was chosen as a Steadfast Athlete in 2017. Soon after associating with Steadfast, Prateek was chosen as a mountain biker by Team Merida India. With his super skillsets, Prateek was full gas on trails— be it rock gardens, climbs, technical single tracks, or anything else. To enhance his performance, he started running as well, and with just a couple of months of training, began participating in half and full marathons.

“Running is the simplest form of joy for me. You go on a run and forget about everything else. You can be just you,” Prateek says.

Prateek Thakur’s dedication to cycling is remarkable. His favourite supplement has always been Power Protein as it has given him sufficient protein for his body and helped him with muscle recovery. Cycling as a sport can often be stressful- Power Protein has helped Prateek manage his stress levels, enabling him to perform his best at events. The product helps elevate one’s mood and has helped him improve stamina and increase his muscle strength.

Another supplement Prateek vouches for is the energy supplement Carborance.

“As an endurance rider, it’s tough to maintain the energy reserves, but I can do that, thanks to the carbohydrate drink by Steadfast- the beast Carborance. The product works wonders. The feel is amazing, the energy is refreshing and it is super light on the stomach. I’m super glad I have Steadfast Nutrition to back up my performance,” Prateek says.

Prateek is also associated with the Noida Cycling Club (NCC), launched by Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri in 2011. He is a regular with NCC’s long rides and has been with the club for several years (Check).

Prateek has been a part of the Steadfast family since the inception of the brand.

“I have always loved using Steadfast products. I had never used supplements before. The boost I got in my performance was exceptional,” he says.

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