Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa, 100% Vegetarian, Aims to be the First Vegetarian Pro Card Winner

Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa, 100% Vegetarian, Aims to be the First Vegetarian Pro Card Winner

Feb 08, 2024

Pawan Jatwa is busy proving all those people wrong, who say vegetarians cannot build a strong body and physique.

Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa was motivated towards fitness since his school days, when he was determined to lose stubborn fat. He still reminisces over those times and goes down memory lane to compare his present to the bulky look he had at a younger age. Pawan is proud of himself for having achieved the feat with a 100% vegetarian diet and motivates others on similar lines. Pawan recently participated in the Sheru Classic in June and October 2022 and left a mark in the minds of his fans, audience and the judges. He aims for a pro card at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival 2023.

As a child, Pawan was determined to get the perfect bodybuilding athlete’s physique. And his results prove the point. Pawan won his first weightlifting competition in Class 10, securing a gold medal. He subsequently won silver in weightlifting at the national level and awards in freestyle swimming in school- a silver and bronze at the state level. He began participating in bodybuilding competitions in first year of college and worked out rigorously in the gym. 

The initial days were tough- Pawan began losing muscle, which was when he realised the importance of supplements and joined Steadfast Nutrition in 2019. He credits the brand for the quality of its supplements and says they have helped him strengthen his physique.

“As an athlete, Steadfast Nutrition is not just an organisation for me- it’s my everyday bread and butter,” Pawan Jatwa says.

Pawan wishes to build his own brand and never break trust over the quality of his products. He says Steadfast stands for what it claims. Pawan is determined to create history with Steadfast Nutrition by becoming the first vegetarian Indian pro athlete.

He says Steadfast Nutrition’s protein supplement Incredible Isolate is a “brahmaastra" for him. “In the last carbohydrate-depleted phase, as a vegetarian athlete, it helps me recover my muscles without bloating. I take it even during my peak week of competitions for a sharp physique on stage.”

Pawan is fond of youngsters taking up this sport in all seriousness and says to them bodybuilding is the only game that cannot be won by money and connections. One must work extremely hard and stay consistent, maintaining proper discipline. Only then, will one be able to achieve and see the results. He advises them never to use shortcuts, especially in health and fitness. The longer one goes, the more patience one will need, the farther one will get.

Apart from fitness and physique, which take up most of his time, Pawan is a certified trainer and transformation coach and has helped transform numerous people in their journey to fitness. His favourite sports person is basketball player Michael Jordan.

And one must not miss his dance, if ever possible. He loves dancing and writing in his leisure time.