Steadfast Athlete and Former Air Hostess Meghna Vaikul is Soaring High as a Powerlifting Athlete

Steadfast Athlete and Former Air Hostess Meghna Vaikul is Soaring High as a Powerlifting Athlete

Feb 08, 2024

Meghana Vaikul changed careers several times before following her passion for powerlifting. She wanted to become a doctor but became an IT professional after graduating in software engineering, followed by a diploma in HR. She didn’t enjoy working as an IT professional and pursued a career in the hotel, BPO, HR, and airline industries. Meghna, who hails from Maharashtra, began her airline journey in 2009. She worked with Indigo Airlines, her eighth job. Meghna was always inclined towards fitness but, back then, gyms were expensive, so she visited a local fitness club. Her family and friends pushed her to compete in a championship. Meghana competed in the Bronze Medal Mayor's Cup in 2016 for fun and won the tournament, which marked the beginning of her powerlifting journey. The competition was a turning point in her career.

Meghna realised she had won a medal without any training or guidance. To maintain the momentum, she began heavy training, starting with 5-10 kg weights. She followed a normal routine, trying to cope with her airline job and fitness. Meghna found it challenging to balance training and unpredictable work schedule. It was a daily challenge to maintain training and nutrition with her erratic flying schedule.  She left her journey with Indigo in 2022 to focus on professional competitions and enjoy her powerlifting  journey winning several championships the same year, including the Amateur Powerlifting Association, the Mumbai District Powerlifting Championship, and the Maharashtra State Powerlifting Championship in Mumbai. She won the bronze at the National Senior and Masters Classic Powerlifting Championship held in October 2022 at Bhadravati, Maharashtra.

Meghna’s association with Steadfast Nutrition began in 2019. She says she has seen positive changes in her health and performance because of Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements.

Her favourite supplement is the protein supplement for muscle recovery, Power Protein, which has helped her increase muscle mass and build muscle. Other favourites are the amino acids Power Glutamine, the protein supplement Incredible Isolate, and the inflammation-fighter Curcumin.

“My journey with Steadfast began in 2019. There has been no looking back since then. Steadfast Nutrition is the pioneer of nutrition supplements and has already soared high in the international markets. I can see positive changes in my health and workouts only because of the well-curated products. Power Protein, my favourite, has always met my protein requirements for many years. It's helped me boost my muscle mass, growth, and recovery. My other favourites are Power Glutamine, Incredible Isolate, and Curcumin, which help me maintain my health and well-being. My workouts have improved drastically over the last few years despite my erratic lifestyle. I plan to continue to compete in future competitions and grow in my sport knowing Steadfast will always have my back”.


Meghna plans to continue her journey as a powerlifter, compete in future competitions, including the Nationals, and win more medals. Meghna’s hobbies are travelling and painting. She plans to learn to play the piano and guitar.


Steadfast Nutrition wishes she always flies high and wishes her the best in her sporting journey.