Snergy has been a game-changer for me: MTB Champion Adonis Tangpu

Snergy has been a game-changer for me: MTB Champion Adonis Tangpu

Steadfast Athlete Khariksing Adonis Tangpu is a budding champion cyclist who has dominated the MTB world in the last couple of years and won admiration for his hardwork and performance at such a young age. Mountain biking is no easy sport- it requires strength and skill to manoeuvre your bike through tough trails. Adonis has achieved podium finishes in almost every race in which he participates and was the MTB National Champion in the under 23 category at the 18th National Mountain bike Championship held under the aegis of the Cycling Federation of India. Adonis has been associated with Steadfast since June 2020. Steadfast Nutrition’s energy drink Snergy has been his favourite product since the beginning.

“Snergy has been a game changer for me, the push I feel after concentrating it in a little less water than suggested works wonders,” says Adonis.

In the 18th MTB championships, Adonis won a gold medal in the individual time trial (ITT) men’s elite category and defeated athletes senior to him in age and experience. His approach during the race was technical- he didn’t try to remain at the top for the entire journey but preserved his energy in a way that allowed him to rush during the final minutes.

Adonis participated in the UCI XCE eliminator cup held in Ladakh recently crediting an array of Steadfast supplements for holding him good stead against Ladakh’s cold weather and the physically challenging event. He took the recently-launched immunity booster SteadC to battle the cold, the energy bar SteadCrunch for healthy snacking, and the protein supplement Incredible Whey for recovery.

To level up his game, Adonis consistently practices on his agility and balance since these are the pillar points for surviving in the world of mountain biking.

Seeking the right nutrition is as important as is seeking the right training.

Steadfast formulations have helped these elite athletes reach their goals by producing the best sports nutrition. Adonis has consistently taken Snergy and Carborance, which have significantly helped him in his long endurance training rides and fast-attacking XCO races. He takes Incredible isolate Mango to fight muscle soreness and fatigue after rides.

Adonis represented India in the Asian MTB championships 2022 and said he couldn’t perform to his full potential.

The course was a complete surprise this year.   @2022suncheonasiamountainbike did a good job with building up such an amazing course. I finished 13th position in the U-23, had some set backs and couldn't perform with full potential this year, but we fall and we come back stronger,” he said.

Adonis has big plans ahead in the sport of mountain biking and wishes to represent India in the upcoming Olympic games.

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