Shweta Gulati, Renowned TV Actor, Loves All Things Steadfast

Shweta Gulati, Renowned TV Actor, Loves All Things Steadfast

Feb 08, 2024

Shweta Gulati is a renowned TV actor who has acted in several TV shows,  commercials, theatre plays, and hosted shows. She currently plays a negative character in the series Main Hu Aprajita. Her role is so convincing that even people who know her well tend to get confused about her real personality (she is far away from the role she plays).

Shweta started her career in 2003 with the then-famous Star Plus show Shagun. She did more series and commercials, but her breakthrough role was the character of Tia Ahuja from the serial Remix in 2006. The character became so famous that people even started addressing her as Tia. Shweta rose to stardom through her appearance as Dr Nikita in Dil Mil Gaye, which made her a household name.

Shweta has done varied roles and is known for her amazing acting talent. She brings reality to the characters she plays. Besides acting, Shweta also takes care of street dogs and is a mother to three adorable dogs.

Shweta started her journey with Steadfast Nutrition in 2018 and has been an integral part of the Steadfast family ever since. She trained under Steadfast Athlete Rohit Shetty, who introduced her to Steadfast Nutrition, and therein began her beautiful association with Steadfast Nutrition.

Steadfast Nutrition believes that only someone who genuinely likes the supplements should promote them. Shweta loves all products. Her favourites are Incredible Whey (Mango flavour), which fulfils her daily protein requirement, CollaStead fruit punch, which keeps her skin and hair healthy and Multivitamin, which helps prevent nutritional deficiencies. Shweta proactively participates in all activities of the brand and says she has “never had such an amazing experience with any other brand.”

“Steadfast is not just a brand for me- it is like my home. I get so much warmth and love from the people of Steadfast. I have never had such an amazing experience with any other brand. Even during the lowest moments of my life Steadfast has stood by me. I wish Steadfast Nutrition all the best for the coming time”, says  Shweta.

Shweta is a fitness enthusiast. Her childlike smile and petite structure make her seem like a dainty person, but it is the opposite. She is mentally and physically strong, loves working out, and stands firm on her decisions. She has had her share of ups and downs and deals with a lot of mental pressure in her day-to-day life. Shweta believes working out is the best way to release all her stress. She ensures that even during her hectic schedule, she at least works out for a few hours every day. A role model to many who believe in working hard, she is a woman of mettle!