Power Protein and CollaStead, the Secret to  Yogini and Steadfast Athlete Akansha Thapliyal’s Fitness & Beauty

Power Protein and CollaStead, the Secret to Yogini and Steadfast Athlete Akansha Thapliyal’s Fitness & Beauty

Feb 19, 2024

Yogini Akanksha Thapliyal won a gold medal for teaching yoga for 500 hours and is a successful Yoga blogger, who has achieved constant acknowledgement and applause for her incredible approaches and initiatives in this widely-loved practice.

Akanksha was born in Noida and completed her schooling from the city. She was interested in sports as a child and played various sports, including basketball, horse-riding, and cycling. Akanksha did her bachelors in media studies from Pune’s Symbiosis Institute. Her job involved frequent travel, leading to heath issues such as migraine and body-aches. The doctor advised her to start physical activity and Akanksha started her yoga journey at 23, joining a Yoga class, a turning point in her life. She initially found yoga is a slow process and thought it was not meant for her. However, gradually she discovered her mental health had improved, and she has lost weight and began enjoying this phase of life and decided to make yoga her profession.

Akanksha got married to an Army officer and got an opportunity to teach yoga at a military camp. People benefited from her sessions and appreciated them, finding that their thyroid levels have improved and they have lost weight. Akanksha is currently running a podcast channel, Audio Vaani, and doing voiceovers for Spotify.

Akanksha later did her Masters in Yoga and Science of Living and obtained a Yoga Certification from the Ministry of Ayush.

She has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since its launch in 2017. Akanksha says Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri is a former athlete, which gave her the confidence that supplements would be good quality and suited to the needs of athletes.

“I have been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since its inception and it was a wonderful journey. I knew Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri before he ventured into the nutraceutical industry. When he told me he has launched Steadfast Nutrition, I was very happy and confident because that somebody who was already into sports like Aman was making supplements. I was confident the products would be good.

Akanksha’s favourite product is the protein supplement Power Protein, which helps her body overcome workout stress, giving complete recovery and gear up for the next yoga session. She loves the collagen peptide CollaStead since it lets her shine, look the beautiful and helps her be more flexible.

Akanksha, who likes writing and reading, wants to continue her yoga journey and help people with her knowledge. She wants to teach yoga for free and make a difference.

She has faced her share of challenges, but all through, it’s yoga which has held her in good stead.

I once met with an accident. I got a tear in my right leg and was bed- ridden for 4-5 months, but couldn’t recover that fast. I started doing yoga instead of going for allopathy and ayurvedic treatment- within five months, I was again walking and doing light jogging,” she says.

Steadfast Nutrition is happy to fuel her.