MTB’s rising star Shiven on challenges faced by Indian mountain bikers  and his favourite supplement

MTB’s rising star Shiven on challenges faced by Indian mountain bikers and his favourite supplement

Shiven, popularly known as Shiven Aerohawk, is a professional mountain biker and is one of India’s top MTB cyclists. Shiven is a top-ranked UCI MTB cyclist and is the first Indian cyclist to get a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) podium at the XCE Eliminator Cup in Ladakh. Shiven has participated in over 100 races and has achieved podium finishes in 80.

Shiven's interest in cycling began at a very young age- his obsession with mountains is an ode to his roots. Hailing from Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh, Shiven was inspired by cyclists flexing their skills on the steep curves of the hills. His first event lineup was in 2012- he has never looked back. Shiven has been the Indian MTB national champion three times and two times in a row.  

As an MTB racer, Shiven is no stranger to challenges and says mountain biking is still in the initial stages and has a lot of scope to evolve as a sport.

"Being a mountain bike racer in India meant there was no one to look up to. Hitting darts in the dark, figuring out ways to be better without much infrastructure for the sport is challenging," he says. “It is frustrating to realise no encouragement from organisations in this sector, but there is a solution like anything else”.

Shiven recently represented India at the Asian MTB championships 2022 in South Korea and finished 12th. He’s been a part of the Steadfast family since 2019 and is delighted to be associated with the brand.

"It has been an absolute delight to be associated with the best and most premium nutrition brand in India. It’s been more than two years, my training and racing programmes have significantly improved, all thanks to Steadfast products. I’m looking forward to more steady years with the brand!”

Shiven’s favourite supplements are Power Protein and SteadLytes from Steadfast Nutrition. Since mountain biking is an endurance sport, maintaining energy levels is crucial to perform well- Shiven has been a big fan of the energy supplement Carborance and mixes it with Active BCAA for optimum performance and taste

Steadfast Nutrition’s newly launched hydration supplement SteadLytes has emerged as Shiven’s favourite. “I love the blend of electrolytes and the flavour is amazing! To be honest I waited for this for so many years! I think it was something missing from the Steadfast portfolio. I wouldn't want to change anything about it.”

Shiven plans to peak his game at the highest competing levels in mountain biking.  He was the XCO national champion in the Men’s Elite category in 2020 and 2021 and won the second stage of the Ultimate Ladakh Cycling Challenge 2020. He won the Tour of Aravallis 2018 and the Scott XC series 2017 and 2018. The list goes on.

He’s working towards a podium finish at the Asian MTB Championships and aims to represent India at the upcoming Olympics. We at Steadfast wish him luck in his upcoming events and racing career!

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