Harneet Kaur Dhillon, Powerlifter & Steadfast Athlete Doing India Proud on the Global Stage

Harneet Kaur Dhillon, Powerlifter & Steadfast Athlete Doing India Proud on the Global Stage

Feb 19, 2024

An ace powerlifter who has risen from the ashes, Steadfast Athlete Harneet Kaur Dhillon lives life on her terms, which is a key reason for her success. The athlete, who is also a successful banker has carved a niche for herself in the fitness world, with her most recent victory being a gold in deadlift at the World Powerlifting Alliance Championship held in Russia in 2023 and a silver for full-lifting at the same competition.

Vocal and focused on her dream, Harneet’s journey will surely serve as a source of inspiration to all those who dare to take the road less travelled.

Harneet completed her MBA from Noida’s Amity University Noida and worked as a banker but life had other plans for her. She lost her father and was depressed for a long time. Her coach advised her to lift weights and practice yoga for her well-being. With the support of her mother, Harneet started her fitness journey. She commenced powerlifting in 2016 and in a span of a mere three years, secured three gold medals at the World Championship (2019) proving her dedication to the sport. 

Harneet joined Steadfast Nutrition as a powerlifting athlete in 2017 and was the first athlete to be associated with the brand. Since joining Steadfast Nutrition, she has competed in several national and international tournaments, winning 11 national and 3 international medals.

Harneet is a true believer in the power of Steadfast Nutrition supplements and consumes several supplements of the brand. Her favourites, however, are the protein supplement Power Protein and CollaStead, comprising marine collagen peptides.

Power Protein helps Harneet maximise her recovery and improve her performance. She loves the fact that it has wheat protein for muscle recovery, cocoa powder, which boosts mood, the antioxidant flavonoid, which improves cardiovascular health, and electrolytes that replenish those lost through sweat after her intense and long-lasting workouts. CollaStead helps her strengthen her bone, joint, and skin health.

Harneet Kaur Dhillon is a rare kind of talent who has grown from strength to strength as an athlete because of her talent, hard work, and dedication. People often take several years to identify what they wish to become. But this wasn’t the case with Harneet Kaur Dhillon.

She was a gold medalist during her school and college days. Fitness was her religion and has been her strength and motivation even during the toughest times.

Going for a 9 to 5 job and maintaining a rigorous workout and diet regimen is not easy but Harneet has managed to sail through it all.

In her spare time, Harneet loves travelling, reading, and cooking.

Harneet aspires to represent her country on all platforms as a powerlifter and become the best in her field.

Steadfast takes utmost pride in fuelling this tenacious athlete and remains committed to providing her with premium quality supplements.