Sagnika Malakar’s

From Civil Engineer to Bikini Athlete: Steadfast Athlete Sagnika Malakar’s Fitness Journey

Feb 08, 2024

Sagnika Malakar is a bikini athlete and a civil engineer by profession. She is a talented athlete with a strong sense of professionalism and a two-time silver medallist in the Amateur Olympia Pro Qualifier championship, with other podium finishes to her credit. Steadfast is fuelling her in her journey to be a champion.

Sagnika began her adventure in 2015 but did not immediately get passionate about fitness. She followed an unhealthy lifestyle but realised the importance of fitness and started working out to get fit. However, later she understood that fitness is more than merely increasing or losing weight- she became resilient. Sagnika assigned herself a goal and chose to become an athlete to stay focused.

She won the Miss Bangalore Fitness Women championship in 2016 and the Miss Karnataka Women’s Fitness context the following year. In 2019, Sagnika won a silver in the bikini category at the Sheru Classic IFBB Pro Qualifier. She will compete for the pro card in upcoming shows and believes that she has it in her to win.

Sagnika believes it’s crucial for an athlete to maintain discipline.

“I have disciplined myself to live my life. Every morning I wake up, make my first three meals, go to the gym, and work out for two hours. I make sure I take a two-hour nap after working out to get enough energy for the rest of the day since I need to finish my evening routine and cook dinner,” she says.

The hardest issue for Sagnika has been time management. She didn’t have much time to spend with her family. But in the end, she says it was worthwhile because of the amazing outcome. Maintaining a regular workout schedule requires persistence, patience, and commitment- it is not simple. She says one must not miss workouts to reach their objective. She does cardio every morning and has a six-day training schedule, which includes CrossFit and functional training. She eats on time, every three hours. Her meal consists of chicken, fish, egg whites, salad, green vegetables, brown rice, oats, and sweet potatoes.

Swati never misses taking her favourite supplements by Steadfast Nutrition. She says that Steadfast has played a major role in her achievements by supporting with their love and support and premium sports and wellness nutrition. Her favourite products are Incredible whey, CollaStead, Multivitamin, and Honey Peanut Butter, which she has taken for three years. They are easy to digest. She no longer struggles with bloating and fatigue. Swati loves their taste. Steadfast took her under its wing and has treated her like a family member. She says without Steadfast, life would have been very different.