CS turned Yogini Kavita Malhotra swears by Kundalini Yoga, HIIT workouts, and CollaStead

CS turned Yogini Kavita Malhotra swears by Kundalini Yoga, HIIT workouts, and CollaStead

Feb 08, 2024

Kavita Malhotra is a qualified CS-turned-yogini who has worked in the corporate world of international retail. Kavita decided to explore her love for Kundalini yoga after her second child. She has since then touched upon several other High Intensity-Interval Training (HIIT)-based workouts. She teaches the spin bike workout, an indoor cycling program choreographed to various uphill and diverse terrains to train the heart and lower body. Kavita taught Pilates on Fit Rahe India, a prime-time show on NDTV India for over a year. She has helped others achieve harmony of their mind and soul and taught at rehabilitation centres.

Kavita, who loves reading and cooking, started her yoga journey at 33 and runs her own timber and veneer import and distribution business.

Kavita is happy to be associated with a “dynamic and resilient” sports nutrition brand Steadfast Nutrition, which is making a mark for itself and contributing to the fitness industry in several ways.

“Steadfast is the most dynamic and resilient sports nutrition brand, homegrown and innovative. I am proud to be associated with them. When I signed up with them, I couldn't fathom their tremendous vision and contribution to this industry in the times to come. Today they are omnipresent, sponsoring major weightlifting championships, and are a very coveted brand in the industry. I am frequently approached by my colleagues and friends looking to secure an association with the brand in some capacity or the other.”

She credits Steadfast Nutrition for improving her muscle strength and endurance and can recommend its protein supplements to her clients because they have digestive enzymes.

“All thanks to Steadfast, I could streamline my muscle recovery and building after endurance and strength workouts. Their product range is well-researched and easy to digest. I can recommend their Incredible Whey and Incredible Isolate protein to most of my clients due to the presence of digestive enzymes in these products”.

Kavita’s favourite supplements, however, are the collagen peptides CollaStead and the vitamin C and bioflavonoid supplement SteadC, which have increased joint flexibility and strengthened immunity, respectively.

“Collastead happens to be my favourite as I can see flexibility in my joints and stronger nails and hair. I am a strong believer and advocate  of supplements. Another Steadfast product I can’t do without is SteadC, which gives me my daily dose of vitamin C and helps to keep my immunity up. I love its effervescent, light flavour. I have recommended Milk Thistle and their Melatonin to many of my friends, who have also benefitted from them”.

Kavita is all for Carborance- the carbohydrates for endurance- for endurance athletes involved in more than two hours of intense activities. It’s easy to digest and gives necessary results without stomach discomfort. All Steadfast supplements are free of added artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or thickeners. Kavita trusts their purity.

Kavita has had her share of challenges in her fitness journey, with major setbacks after lower back and shoulder injuries. She says she has recovered through rehabilitation and Steadfast Nutrition’s recovery range.