Age Is No Bar for Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma

Age Is No Bar for Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma

Steadfast Athlete Ratna Verma is proof that age is just a number.  She entered one of the toughest competitions in the bikini category in bodybuilding- the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers- and passed with flying colours. Few people would accept the risk of switching to a different sport despite being experienced and successful in their current field. However, for others, success is stepping outside their comfort zone and accepting new challenges. Ratna is one of those people.

Ratna has many other fascinating aspects to her personality. She is a licensed lawyer who has worked in corporate law, an educator with over 11 years of experience teaching preschool toddlers, a certified yoga instructor, and a runner. After 11 years of running, Ratna competed as a bikini athlete in the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2022 in Delhi. At 50, few think of doing something so different and challenging— but Ratna wanted to fulfil her dreams. She competed in the bikini category for the second time at the IHFF. The first time was in April at the National Physique Committee's Jagraon championship where Ratna won the gold and respect from the audience and the judges.

This multi-talented athlete’s ambition to seem trim in her teenage years was the catalyst in her athletic career. Her life has always included going to the gym from that time (1987). Ratna began running in 2010. Since then, she has won numerous competitions across the nation.

Ratna kept her faith in Steadfast Nutrition and took Steadfast supplements to prep for her competition at the IHFF. She took the collagen peptide Collastead before her morning workout, Snergy as her energy drink, and Vitamin D3 to maintain her health. She says Steadfast didn’t just help her with the supplements but also stood by her and supported her. 

Ratna’s favourite supplements are CollaStead and Incredible Whey, which she takes to fulfil her daily protein requirement. She takes Vitamin D3, Milk Thistle, and Multivitamin daily to maintain her health.

“I have been associated with Steadfast since the last eight months and have received a lot of support, love and recognition as an athlete. I’m passionate about fitness. They continue to support my fitness goals and nutrition requirements. I am grateful to Aman sir (Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri) and the team for having me on board. My favourite Steadfast product is CollaStead (blueberry flavour). It works to build collagen and has excellent taste. I like the pre-workout amino acid Playstead (orange flavour)- it kickstarts my workout with more energy and power. After my workouts I take the Incredible Whey (coffee and strawberry flavour) to meet my protein requirements. I also take the Multivitamin, Vitamin D3, and Milk Thistle by Steadfast Nutrition daily.

Ratna Verma has two children who are students. Both have supported her throughout her journey. She is a motivation to the women who wish to enter the industry and her children. Ratna believes it’s our duty to invest in our health.

“One needs to understand the body god has given us needs to take proper care of it, which is above everything,” she says.

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